pure data setup

  • i want to use the vanilla version of pd but install some of the externals that are available (e.g. mrpeach). i want to use the vanilla version as this includes the src directory that will allow me to build my own externals and get the serialbonjour external working on windows.

    i'm having problems including externals - this is what i'm doing:

    - copy the external folder from pd-extended's extra folder to pd's extra folder.
    - add the path to the newly added external to the list of paths under preferences & click apply
    - add the library name (e.g. mrpeach ) to the startup flags under preferences & click apply
    - restart pd

    i get an error message of the form 'mrpeach: can't load library'.
    can someone please highlight my schoolboy error?

  • Sorry if this is an extraneous question, but are the dll's in the mrpeach external directory?

  • hi murray - yes lots of dlls in the mrpeach externals dir

  • I can install a Windows VM on my system, I'll see if I can figure out what's up

  • thanks murray - for your info, here's what i did in full:

    1. a while ago i used the windows installer to install a previous version of pd-extended - this works fine as far as creating pd apps is concerned - located in c:/Program Files/pd.
    2. i realized that i'd need the vanilla version to build simplebonjour as pd-extended doesn't have the /src or /tcl directories that are required..
    3. i haven't uninstalled my old version of pd-extended.
    4. i downloaded the zips for the latest versions of pd and pd extended and unzipped them my file system - not in c:/Program Files.
    5. you know the rest from my previous post.

    maybe it's a registry issue?

    i'm sure that i'm running the newer versions and i'm sure that the path in pd is set to the true directory where mrpeach is located.

    thanks for your help - i'll continue to plug away at this myself too.

  • oh, and i can run the new unzipped pd and pd-extended fine in their own rights and create apps using the externals they're bundled with - it's when i come to trying to add the externals from pd-extended to pd that it doesn't appear to work - i wonder whether i should rebuild the pd-extended externals against the pd source that comes with pd?

  • Alright, so seems like I was able to get it working under Windows 7.

    You need to copy over the 'mrpeach' external directory over to pd\extra like you did, but only include the mrpeach directory as a 'path' and do not add 'mrpeach' to the startup flags. Then restart PD.

    You should be able to create a "packOSC", "unpackOSC" object to quickly test if the external was loaded correctly.

    I hope that works for you!

  • thanks murray that's fixed it, much appreciated...now i will try and get serialbonjour running on windows