• Hi everyone,

    Wanted to let you know about a show next week in which I'll be performing on Monome and Arc. Lucky enough to have Kings Place in London as the venue, and its at 4pm Sunday June 9th:

    It's partly to promote some music I've written for my group of 8 amazing singers and a beatboxer (Bellatrix, the female world champion) but I will be remixing the live performances during the concert to form new pieces, using Monome and Ableton.

    If any of you are around at should be a great show and would be grand to see you there. Here's a clip if you're interested:

    and the facebook event:


  • Great stuff!

  • outstanding!

    any chance you'll bring this group to new york?

  • Thanks!

    @tehn - means a lot to me that you enjoyed it. You could probably tell, but several sections of that piece owe a lot to monome and the styles of performance that have come out of it.

    New York, I wish! No idea where would even have us over there. Would be a dream come true to tour this group further though. Will make sure to stick up a vid from the gig next week.


  • @Chris Arthur -
    what about Switzerland...?
    Does the group have a press kit I can download somewheres?


  • there are a few venues that would be well suited-- but their names slip my mind. i'll try to dig them up for you.

    congratulations on the performances.

  • @Uncle_GroOve - again, would be amazing! If you let me know your email I can send you some press stuff. Thanks for the interest!

    @tehn - that would be wonderful if you could :)


  • That was amazing.