FS: Monome 40h - black enclosure, blue LEDs

  • I have a monome 40h that I never really used.
    Fully functional, black wooden enclosure with blue LEDs.

    can go for €235

    willing to ship to anywhere

    questions, requests, etc welcome at : veronique[dot]bidee[at]gmail[dot]com

  • wow. blue leds. that sure looks purty...

  • will lower price to 210€

  • does it detect movment?

  • I'm no expert since I never really used my monome 40h, but I don't think a monome 40h can detect movement?
    It does all the things a regular monome 40h does though :)

  • Is it stillavailable?

  • Hey, if this one isn't still available I'm selling on of my own with blue LEDs and black enclosure. http://bit.ly/14oKdOD

    If it is still available then I'm sorry to hijack the thread :-/