¿ Holy Crap ?!

  • http://folktek.com/instruments

    not very minimalistic (at all) but you have to give them some points for being... creative...


  • I have a luminist garden, it's pretty fun.

  • Its like if Sid from Toy Story started making synths.

  • i want a music box and a magentic sequencer SO BAD now!

  • I want to start a noise band, like right now.
    When I was 5 I woke up the whole house banging away on a drumkit made with pots and pans. When I lost my innocence and started playing guitar I remember I was fascinated by all the little noises Jimi coaxed out of his strat (e.g. flipping the p.up switch back and forth), more than the real notes ;-) I can tap out "music" on just about anything.
    But those contraptions... boy don't get me started. Granted .... totally different from my momome(s), with that über-steampunk look.
    But at the end of the day I'm a sucker for anything that can output some kind of bleep :-))

    Peace & Groooves


  • (then again, those redwoods can make sound on their own... mother nature is already mother modular :)
    So true! (& beautifully said)

  • @karaokaze
    +100 to all that... unfortunately I ws born with 6 thumbs on each hand and they're all from the left hand ;-) in the sense that I'm not that good at building contraptions like those, even though I can solder the odd pot and cap and change guitar strings ;-))

    Talking 'bout trees...definitely planning to take my laptop up the local mountains to record some live soundscapes.
    I'd like to build an installation with multiple speakers and use Audiomulch to process a multi channel setup and then "overdub" the recorded sounds to the "live" ongoing "soundscape"