Homemade monome - pictures

  • A while back a built a 80h from kits and an anodized aluminium faceplate. I built the enclosure from wood, but then I chose to stain it, and I was not very happy with the result. Last weekend I decided it was time to do something about it, so I spent an afternoon sanding it down, and then painted it with two layers of black paint, and I am much more happy with the result.


    I am having tons of fun with it, and with Max4Live (and stretta's fabulous patches).

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  • Nice!

    I note that you used UV led lights for part of your kit. I just got some but am not sure they will be bright enough. Are you happy with yours?

  • Yes, the UV leds work just fine, and they are plenty bright enough. Off the top of my head I don't remember their mcd-rating, but I will look it up when I am back at the house later today.

    [The LEDs are rated at 300mcd]

  • Hello,is a senior student in Xi'an China.Has always been very interested in monome and prefer homemade,our domestic few let me learn about this information.My English is not very well.I want to use holiday time to make a,oneself use,I know this is a very difficult thing but I still want to try next.But I don't have related knowledge ,feel very confused,have no idea about homemade monome,hope to be able to recommend some tutorial or books.Thank you very much!

  • @Dor : you may find a lot of informations starting from this page http://monome.org/docs/tech

    @HelgeG : nice !

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  • @Dor
    oh ! and you may want to get in touch with http://mengqimusic.com/

  • @beo thanks.But Mengqi in Beijing the distance is quite far,we just talked by mail ,the website is what he told me.

  • Hi,

    I build my 40h from sparkfun buttons and bibo boards. The UM245 was difficult to buy at that time, so I made one myself (if anyone needs the schematics - just ask me).
    For the enclosure, I received help from a skilled woodworker. He allowed me to work with his machines and gave me advice on how to proceed. The result is beautiful!

    There is also something else in the making... :) Will be finished soon.


  • Totally excited to see this coming along!

  • My father is building me an enclosure as we speak. Picked up the yard sale 256.
    Here is where it is at right now:

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1832226/monome 256 pappa.jpg

  • Upgraded my 2 arduinomes, which have kinda matched look now.

    Enclosure: birch
    Faceplate: anodized aluminum, provided by bibo[1]
    Buttons: sparkfun + bibo8x8 pcb
    Logic: starfire + um232r
    LEDs: Kingbright (#934, IIRC)

    [1] http://monome.org/community/discussion/11924/finally...faceplates-for-bibo-boards

    1936 x 1296 - 847K
  • Those look gorgeous!