Decisions (the app) - wow!

  • I took some time to run this app last night - wow...
    Powerful tool to tweak / interact with multiple target in whatever external soft synth (I have an AudioMulch session planned next)...!

    I started with a nothing sine wave patch in a Reaktor ensemble and 5 minutes later I had a full hurricane blowing (unfortunately I forgot to press "REC", damn...)

    The nice thing is that I was able to "overlay" it to Polygomé - without running Pages(!), so I was able to concentrate the full fury of both apps on my defenseless patch. It was fun.. I was in the "tunnel" for something like an hour
    [insert wicked grin emoticon here]

    For those who have never tried it out... do so asap!


  • ya, tried it myself awhile ago, this app is wicked saucy.