• Bonjour,
    Je m'adresse aux fran

  • vous etes d'ou?

    Where are you from?
    I'm just getting into monome and would love to meet with fellow users. I'm from Belgium but travel quite often to the South of France.

  • Hello fellow belgian monomer ;) welcome to the world of monome!

  • français ici ! (région centre)

  • belge egalement
    une monomeet en Belgique?Waouaww une première suis certain que ithkaa est partant ;-)

  • Suisse ici (le Sud, hehe...c'est mieux pour les vacances...)


  • Ben oui...Bruxelles :-)

  • south of france sounds good to me as well :)
    I'm pretty near to the border

  • Lille ou Bruxelles ou Ailleurs

  • What about a monomeet in Brussels? I'm only getting started myself but would love to meet you people. I'll have a look around for a nice place in Brussels.

    What would be the best timing from July to mid September for a monomeet in Brussels? Please give some dates that would work for you.

  • a european monomeet? this is a gorgious idea!!!!!

  • @entwhistle Sure, Brussels is in the center of Europe so all monome fans allowed ;-)

    @ithkaa @Starfucker inc. @moulfrit @Uncle_GroOve @reno khart @pauk @i.morgendoerfer
    We just need to pick a date that works for "everybody".

  • I live in Toulouse and i'd also like to join if I can, not sure i will if it's in belgium though...

  • ok, august is fine for me, maybe early september too!

  • september is perfect for me
    Brussel is perfect for me
    Your great idea belgian monomeet is perfect for me
    what else :-)