Send same OSC messages to 2 apps at same time?

  • Is there any way to send the same OSC messages to 2 apps at same time?
    I want my host (Sensomusic Usine) to be able to receive the same press messages from Monomeserial that Molar does and use the press messages to trigger further actions with messages received via the OSC receive module in Usine. Of course I can only receive the messages in either Usine or Molar, but not both at the same time.

    Some sort of OSC destination or local ip splitter/router would be primo!
    Suggestions? (windows 7)

  • hub should work for this, though it's kindof a bitch and a half to set up (cause it doesn't remember what you did last time)

    just create two sections that have the same area.

  • thanks, that seems to work ok but yea, the no recall of settings definately kills it for me. Any other ideas?

  • ok, I managed to get this working in Usine by receiving the press messages and forwarding them to Molar. Weird that it wasn't working before and it seems like both Usine and Molar having the same prefix shouldn't workbut now it does ... cool.

    Might be some Monome apps for Usine in the future if I can wrap my head around the rest of this OSC biz :)

  • i believe (but dont have my gear in front of me), that monoroute can do this. Set up a molar tab, and another tab with the same port settings. Set each to be in the same group, same settings. Presses and led messages should be sent at the same time, i do believe...

  • I'm going to look tonight, but this _should_ be dreamy easy in Max.

    You just make a patch that has 1 in and multiple outs, and you can set the outs to any prefix you want, as long as monome serial has the proxy prefix which this app has, it should just act like a splitter.

    Should be dead easy if we keep it very simple.

  • anh follow ups on the OSC port forwarding?