FS: some interesting synths, etc / Space Echo on hold pending sale

  • Hope not offending anyone, just showing off some (hopefully) cool stuff available to interested souls:

    1) Quasimidi Polymorph w/ manuals and PSU //SOLD//
    2) Waldorf Microwave I w/ Access controller & PSU & manuals //SOLD//
    3) Roland Space Echo RE-201 w/ spare unused and boxed tape //SOLD//
    4) Roland Handsonic w/ stand, manuals, PSU

    All in studio, ungigged condition.

    PM me if anything meets your interest!



  • How much you after for the quasimidi?

  • Where are you? How much to you want for the Waldorf? I'm in the UK, and it probably wouldn't be worth sending transatlantic.

  • ^^
    @fluxsta @kineticmonkey:
    goods based in continental EU.
    I am lucky to have my next door neighbor in a shipping Co. so I can get really ridiculous bottom rates (last sale was a Hamer Explorer electr. guitar to Scotland, cost = peanuts).

    Price on the quasimidi = let's talk. perhaps you have something to trade...? Pls PM me.

    Kind regards


  • Addendum:
    may also let go of
    1) Sherman Filterbank 2
    2) Waldor X-Pole filter
    3) Peavey PCX 1600 midi fader/button/scrubwheel unit.

    Still looking for an OP1 and other vile six-string stuff which doesn't really belong on this board (so PM me, in case)


  • The MWI + access controller is sold



  • How much is the Space Echo going for?

  • Refresh:

    XPOLE, SHERMAN FILTERBANK, PEAVEY PCX 1600 are still available.