mlrv - setup help please!

  • I'm having trouble with audio input into mlrv: it's not picking up a signal from my interface. Help/suggestions muchly appreciated!


    - Mac OS 10.8.4
    - Interface: Audio Kontrol 1
    - monome64

    mlrv is outputting audio just fine, and the AK1 is working ok. I can hear my input signal through the AK1's monitor mode, so I know the source is ok. So it must be a problem somewhere between the AK1 and mlrv. I've tried both mic and line-level input as source; I installed Soundflower today; now I'm stuck.

    I'm sure it's a simple pref somewhere which I've missed, but I can't find it and it's driving me nuts! I'm learning mlrv for a performance in a month (doing a Björk cover), so I really need to get it working!

    Thanks peeps

  • which version of Max are you running? Max5 is recommended as the audio driver handling / naming changed in version6 and doesn't have full control of the audio source in the patch.

    otherwise find a download of the Max Audio driver patch which overrides the DSP settings in mlrv.

  • Thanks galapagoose! Reporting back -

    I was using the Max6 runtime. I switched to Max5 but the 'Connect' button vanished. I guess this is something to do with serialosc.maxpat so I re-downloaded it, still no luck.

    Have switched back to Max6 and I've noticed: the mic actually works in mlrv if I'm using the Core Audio driver, but not the ad_portaudio driver. Sadly this only uses the laptop's built in speakers so it's no use.

    Also seeing some weird tempo behaviour when I switch between the two drivers, but I guess that's to be expected. I'll try some more stuff and see if I can get it to work.

  • in Max5 you'll need to copy the serialosc.maxpat to the Max5/patches folder (not Max6/patches).

    in Max6 try using this patch to get a better grip of your audio settings— it will run at the same time as mlrv. not sure about the "ad_portaudio" driver choice, as typically with audio interfaces you still select "core audio" but then choose your own physical I/O device. apologies for the uncertainty — Max6 changed the way audio interfaces are referenced and it definitely threw a spanner in the audio section of mlrv.

    Max5 is recommended because it is far less CPU intensive and the patch itself was designed in 5. Also please note, 64bit version of Max6 will not work — have to use 32bit

  • It's alive! Thanks for your help, very much appreciated.

    I tried Max5 again and got it working – you're right, I must have put serialosc.maxpat in the wrong place. What a fool.

  • @galapagoose... can mlrv be routed to an individual output on your audio interface or only through the core audio driver on the interface? in my example i'm using a ua apollo and would like the ability to route the audio of mlrv out of one of the individual outputs. thanks!

  • @bc3:
    yes! in the mixer section (bottom right) on each channel it says "MASTER" which you can click and change to any output available on your selected interface.