Do you want to remix my band?

  • Hi. As some of you may know I released an EP with my duo Sgrow earlier this year. We have now started a Soundcloud remix compilation. Would any of you be interested in participating? If so please send an email to and we will provide you with download information.

    The original songs can be heard here:
    and here:

    Also here is the readme file that comes with the remix kit:
    Sgrow Remix Kit 2013.

    Welcome to the first Sgrow remix compilation!

    We have exported out stems for two of our songs, and we are really hoping that you would want to remix us!
    The songs in question has been mixed in studios with certain equipment that we no longer have access to, so they do not sound a 100 % like the record, but that's really not the point here anyway.

    This remix compilation is completely voluntary, so what we basically have to offer the contributors is that we'll upload every single remix into a soundcloud-set featured on our profile, which we then will heavily promote from all our channels.

    If there is one remix that we feel really stands out from the rest, there might be a possibility that it'll be released with our next single, which will be out within the end of this year. For now, this is more about trying to do something creative, connect with good people, get some great music out of it, and hopefully generate a lot of positive attention around it!

    After this, you will of course be able to do with your remix as you like, except for selling it or license it without our permission. :)
    We are really looking forward to see what you come up with! If you wish to get your remix uploaded to Soundcloud and promoted by us, please send us a downloadlink to your remix in .wav or .aiff, before September 1st 2013.

    Please send the link to and be sure to subject mark the mail with "Sgrow Remix" and your name. The tempo for "Mind Control" is 100 bpm.
    The tempo for "Heartstrings" is 100 bpm.
    Any questions you might have can be directed to:
    Kind regards, Kristoffer & Vilde,

  • yr mind control link is broken

  • @visinin
    thank you! fixed now.

    also there is a live video of the track =)

  • sending you an email now. very interested to remix this

  • Mails sent out =)

  • nice vid and email sent.

  • Excellent tracks. I'd love to have a go at a remix. Email coming in five.