[mix] no sir e - d r o w n t (+ boiler room)

  • hey all. i made little garage-y live mix for download:


    hope you are all doing well. i'll be playing in nyc tomorrow evening at the delancey in lower east side. set time: ~10:30. free.

    also, bonus question: has anyone been to one of the boiler room parties? la or uk ones specifically, but i don't know if region matters @galapagoose . i've heard it's a pretty elite club and it takes someone that knows someone there to get on the in-crowd. i'd like to make an effort to see if performing at one is possible, even if it means nearly putting myself in debt to travel out there. so if any has any additional insight about playing at boiler room, please let me know.

  • I actually just went to the one in Chicago this past weekend, had to leave Pitchfork early to get in. Gotta say they sure do know how to party. Open bar even went rouge and just started giving the bottles out. I'm sure it's not as elite as many seem to think, esp. if it's one of the sponsored ones that you can RSVP for. If you could get yourself in one of those. the staff is real easy to approach if you stay till the end. With some of the performances you got posted, I'm sure you'd have no problem getting a slot. Also, their contact info is on the site if you haven't tried that yet.