Tempo/Reverse Control In MLR via monome???

  • Is it possible to add such functions?
    I'm on my second monome now and it would be great to use both as a complete control center and all i need for this are these two features : ) but i've absolutely no idea of writing or editing patches...... could someone help me to make it happen??
    would be more than awesome!
    thanks in advance!

  • Not sure if I am correct but you just map these specific controls, tempo and reverse to some sort of knobs on an external controller such as a midi keyboard or you just use mapping feature within mlr and map to a specific button?

  • hey, thanks for the answer!

    hope i got you right, but...
    yeah, i can midi-map the group volumes, input_prev/next, prev/next_preset, etc..
    but neither the reverse buttons nor the tempo : (

    besides i'd love to work just with my 2 monomes and without any midicontroller...
    not sure if mlrV can do it, but i like mlr2.51 much more : )

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  • don't know which mlr version you are using. there are like a ton of them and it'S hard to keep track which version has which features.

    mlrv is fully midi-map-able.

    there's a mlr-m4l version over in the m4l-devices library which I think had midi.map-able reverse-buttons, but you would need m4l.
    if you dont have that you could try mash - or just check out the other mlr versions.