What's the new device?!?

  • I couldn't help but start this thread, very curious.
    I don't have an arc yet but will hopefully be getting one soon, would love a grayscale arc ;)
    What could the new device be?


  • the new device is a collaboration with ezra buchla.

    it is not a controller.

    i really want to share what we have, but i must hesitate until we're certain on the feature set to be delivered.

  • Oh man, of course you guys are going to be kick starting my modular obsession? I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. I hope Stretta is involved;)
    Can't wait to hear about it.


  • this year?

  • Hoping for Euro format compatibility here... :-)

  • we're expecting to have a demo and specs within a couple months. circuits are near final. working on physical components and more programming to do.

  • can't wait - my imagination's been working overtime :)

  • sooooo. how is this work going? :)

  • Ohhhhh Dudes! I've seen it and you all are going to be sooooo amazed!

    The new device, should i share? oh screw what Brian thinks i'm gonna go ahead and ruin the surprise:
    it's a big giant oscillator knob that also doubles as an air-drying kale-chip baking oven!!!!!
    Amazing right?! If you bake some kale-chips inside the device while performing with it, you can also use the steam level as an alternate control-source.
    Thas some wicked Tilt/Steam action, Bruh! Wut! Wut?!!

    Ezra Buchla is also almost done figuring out how to properly petrify and matrix a bunch of kale chips into a highly ergonomic and sturdy faceplate.
    Locally sourced!
    ...and Fully Sustainable!

    teeee heee! >:D

  • ^ correct.

    physical design final protos almost arrived, pcbs basically done, much negotiation to be had, media and full disclosure approaching quickly.

  • delicious!

  • lol. cool. can't wait to see some details.

  • mad automatic salad spinners and shit.....

  • ^:D

    werd. comes with non-GMO salad included.

  • its a 303 clone with a big arc knob and patch cables.

  • @tehn - presumably if at prototype stage purchase link a few weeks off as away from computer for the coming week - wouldn't want to miss out?

  • eta four weeks.

  • awesome - really excited

  • so excited. double post.

  • I emanate infinite iterations of excitement! (to the power of infinity)

  • and here I am just finally deciding to sell the soundplane for something more modular and physical

    I am either waiting for some more ciat lonbarde gear / or this

  • i'm surprised that there's not been more conjecture about what the device is - we know it's not a controller, that it's a mix of monome openness and dsp magic and i seem to remember the alphanerd hinting that he knew what tehn and ezra were up to and that we'd be blown away - can't wait to find out...not long now - i keep checking the front page every hour or so for the anticipated video...

  • hell I'll take a shot.

    A device that operates on an embeded micro controller. but it can be further programmed via USB connection.

    I'll guess it has a LCD screen to program DSP parameters/feedback. With tactile controls from monome (grid, arc, something new??)

    a modular DSP instrument running on a supercollider framework?

  • i'm guessing some kind of box

  • can we compile max patches down to run on boxes yet?

  • I am very much enjoying the shbobo shnth paradigm and can imagine something of a similar nature

    mostly because that is what I want though

  • looking at that picture - those are L/R audio 1/4 jack plugs on the top edge aren't they? so are those several audio input jacks on the bottom edge, because they look similar? i'll guess it can process incoming audio and maybe generate it's own internal sounds too...and i'd imagine that it will support monome/arc control...and it'll conform to the usual high monome aesthetic standards...

  • or perhaps the inputs on the front could allow for external CV in a usb reprogrammable DSP engine
    or hopefully both

  • also the fact that there is modular gear on the other side of the monome is promising

    but again I'm just projecting things I would like to see

    from what is visible there is a patchcord running from the env out of a PEG by 4ms
    ...could be nothing

    also is it me or to the left of the 1/4 inputs on the bottom of the unit is there also what looks like an 1/8 input

  • EDIT: This photo is from http://thosewhomake.com/post/50342589706/monome, dated 13 May 2013, so it could be the new design they were working out, although it also teases the idea of the arc 8 here.

    Second, not to get too easter egg-y on this one, but the schematics is what I'm interested in. The book up top doesn't show much other than a bunch of chips in sequence, can't make out any jacks in the schematic. Page behind it seems to have a sine wave or a waveform drawn on a graph.

    Below on the table their are also drawings, which towards the middle shows a big rectangle shape thing. A touch screen device.

    Then there are pots on the table that don't look like the arc encoders.... so that could be a good thing sugesting modular.

    And now for my desires: I really would like something modular, because I'm just starting the addiction. Need to finish my SN Voice (90% done), then I'm going to build a filter or get something from Blue Latern.

  • @Mcdeltat there's kind of been an explosion of eurorack diy stuff in the last while.

    for example http://synthcube.com/cart/

    i'm building a klee soon, can't wait!

  • https://www.tindie.com/products/category/diy/audio/

    this place also has some projects I really would like to build

  • some good deduction here. if you could only pull a bladerunner and tilt the photo to see the paper on the desk.

    couple more weeks. forgive me for holding out on y'all.

  • no please this is all a part of the process, as mcdeltat said
    it is surprising that there wasn't more speculation about this device

    deducing apps/paradigms/hardware from the information you have provided is fun and feels almost like an exercise I haven't been doing for a long time

    now that you said that about the paper on your desk I literally tried to tilt my screen to see better

    The hunt is fun

    I'm sure it is at least slightly satisfying to know that people are interested enough to be deducing.
    Thank you for all the work you do

  • absolutely - the speculation is just part of the mounting excitement - good things come to those that wait.

    is the open log book on the shelf another clue - there are some interesting op amp circuits there and on the half open previous page what might be a bode plot showing a frequency response...filters?

  • 5v - 1v/octave? :) Bananas? Starting to get excited.

  • Ummmm maybe someone here would be better suited than me, lost my memory of threads while I was gone. I was looking for threads where tehn drops quotes about the device, you know, just to make further hypothesis hilarious. Found one:

    gs256 thread-DEC2011 "to calm the excitement a bit-- we're still a few months off from the next iteration, as i have several things happening in parallel at the moment." Other
    quotes for the presses.

    "-may242013 "It is not a controller." That tosses out my idea of a touch screen. From a philosophical point, if you're not controlling something, you have to be "doing" something. Could that just mean making sound? Synth?

  • From the size of it, my money is on a digital/reprogrammable modular synth of some description.

  • ...that you can juggle.

  • i'm in agreement with rodrigo - but i reckon you can process external audio signals too. and i'd hazzard a guess that it's a standalone device, in the same way that a shruthi or shnth is as opposed to eurorack. it'd be nice if it supported direct monome controller connectivity....

  • open ended box that allows you to move a patch (PD? Gen?) including any monome controls, from the computer to this physical box.

    box has a set of configurable inputs and outputs that you develop for in your patch.

    build and test on computer, move to device. turn off computer. plug in monome. play.

  • You're all way off. It's an automatic goat feeder with CV inputs.

  • The suspense of this is really encumbering. Especially considering that it is modular technology - it could be almost anything. There are some things that it cant be. Buchla has already designed mind-expanding spaceship of a control interface, as have tehn. However, both the Buchla controller and the monome are programmable, making interfacing either or both to the modular a more likely implementation.

    The question boils down to what is missing from the current selection of modular candy of Buchla and how that can be augmented by the wonderful design of tehn. Either way, we can probably expect loads of artistically blinken lights. Grid-based led displays are already seen on various modular designs. However, I have yet to see one that has implemented the kind of led-ring display seen on the Arc, and think that whatever the news will be we're looking at the most artistically designed potentiometer/rotary encoder arrays ever to appear in the modular world.

  • Are we able to deduce the price? ;) I just had a brief rush of panic that I may not even be able to afford it. ahem ..200e :P

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