40h faceplate group buy

  • Just received my 40h kit order confirmation in my inbox yesterday. Assuming that others are in the same boat, so I'm opening up yet another faceplate group buy thread. Anyone interested?

  • I'm down for a 40h kit faceplate!

  • I never ended up getting one lol so i am down.

  • Hey guys, I'm finishing construction of my 40h (after it sitting in the box for months, ugh!). Anyway, i'm down for a faceplate for sure (and case for that matter).

    Anyone know a source for the accelerometer that everyone tends to use on here?

  • Sparkfun has a bunch of accelerometers on breakout boards:


    Hopefully there's a few more people interested in the faceplates?

  • I got my 40h kit last year and still need a faceplate, so sign me up.

  • considering the guy who said he'd make me a case and faceplate hasn't come through since january, i think you can count me in to

  • So I believe that's 5? When, what and how much anyone? :)

  • ctrombley: Any recommondations on force range and which unit to go with? I haven't played with the monome yet so not sure which would be best.

  • If anyone is looking for an acrylic faceplate you can get them at Machinecollective:


    There's only 1 aluminium panel left from the last batch and I'm probably not making any new panels soon... The acrylic panels are made on demand and usually ship within 3 days. Customizations are also possible, just ask ;-)

  • I'd be interested in a pair.

    My preferences would be 6mm with rounded corners.

    All my investigation into faceplates has been with Front Panel Express, but there might be cheaper options out there. It's only set 4mm as that's the thickest setting the tool will allow, but they can do 6mm on request. (It comes at a pretty significant price increase, something like +$40 for a single plate.) If anyone has experience comparing the 4 to 6mm options, I'd be interested to hear about it.

    I was going to attach the Front Panel Designer file I had worked with, but apparently the discussion software won't let an .fpd file through. I'll see if I can rar and it up and re-attempt later...

  • xndr: did you already make any faceplates for sparkfun pad monomes? (bigger buttons). I'll be needing one soon for a 64 button clone, and it'd be great to get it done 'locally'.

  • Yeah I def need 2 also

  • Attached is a picture of the sparkfun faceplate, the final price will be somewhere between an acrylic and alu monome faceplate since this panel takes almost twice as long to cut..

    800 x 600 - 226K
  • I'm currently talking to a local machine shop in Boston that may be able to give a good discount. The specs are going to be a combination of the official faceplate PDF (check http://monome.org/40h/kit) and the DXF posted here last fall for a previous run of plates (attached). This means exactly what you see in the PDF, but no rounded outside corners or beveled perimeter.

    I want to make sure the shop does quality work so this may take a couple weeks (as they said they could make a prototype). I'll keep everyone posted and keep watching the thread for more interest, I see that a bunch more kits are on their way out.

  • xndr design idea is great !!! got one for my kit

  • atf104: there's a tutorial here:


    It suggests a specific unit (+/- 1.5 g i think?) but I haven't done this before either, so no promises ;)

  • i still have a few faceplates from the last batch we made. including screws! if you are interested, email me. dont forget to include your forum name. we prefer north american address as well.

    justinjohnson -= a-to-the-t =- jordanmfg dawt kom.

  • Im interested in some facepates, but the 8x16 type?

  • 8x16 in europe for sparkfun buttons would be interesting for me :)

  • hey i have a kit waiting and need a 40 faceplate. thats it basically. so if your going to get one i guess i could be in... not sure about the whats and where's yet though really. im in england, brighton. if anyone's interested!
    x andy

  • +1 for the 40h kit faceplate here

  • Everybody needs a faceplate!

  • Here are some pictures of user projects made with Machinecollective panels.

    We also have sparkfun panels, 80h panels, monome panels with 4 extra holes for potentiometers, etc.. Contact us if you have special requirements. All panels are made on demand in The Netherlands.

    Orders can be placed by e-mail until the site is fully up and running:

  • -1 for the faceplate ctrombley, sorry but it looks like xndrs already done alot of work and i think i'll get one from him

  • group buy still there?

  • I'm up for one, too.

  • Finally, after a long delay, i have some more enclosures and faceplates to offer.

    I have 4 complete kits: aluminum bases and plates, powdercoated gloss black. includes all screws. if you are interested, please email me. i may be able to offer them separately, but we'll see if there is enough interest.

    I also made some aluminum 40h and 128 plates. they have not been anodized or coated yet. i was waiting for the kits above to be finished before deciding how to finish these. email me if you are interested.



    justinjohnson -= at =- jordanmfg dawt kom

    1279 x 851 - 80K
    1279 x 851 - 72K
  • Nice work! Can you post some pictures of the inside and the bottom of the enclosure?

  • I'm down for a 40h kit faceplate as well!

  • Great, just wonderful work Justin

  • Just got a faceplate in the mail from Justin, and it's totally quality work.

  • just another update. I have three 128-style plates made for two 40h kits available. They just came back from anod today.

    Email me if you are interested.


    justinjohnson a-to-the-t jordanmfg d-to-the-o-t kom

    600 x 800 - 250K
  • Hi Justin,
    Just wondering if you got my email regarding the 40h complete kit as I haven't heard back from you.

    Best regards,

  • I too contacted Justin about the case, but never heard anything back.

  • yeah! i need a faceplate for my 40th too. You can count me in!

  • Anyone interested in a group buy for 40h faceplates and/or enclosures? Not sure which route I am going to take but most likely anodized black aluminum.

    I was hoping to to with a local US shop to avoid shipping overseas shipping fees etc etc.


  • yes I am in, I just received my 40h kit today!

  • Definetly in, still waiting for my kit to come, where do you live g4esy that you got yours today?

  • washington, dc i'm close by :)

  • I'd be in on that gangbuy on a faceplate. Anyone want to do acrylic so the enclosure can have different illumination than the keys for a trippy effect?

  • interested in an alum faceplate, let me know how it works out

  • i'm also interested in a clear acrylic faceplate, but i don't think this thread is actually going anywhere... it has been idle since august

  • Everyone,

    Just as an FYI, I'm working on a new unibody enclosure similar to the attached photo. This will be an aluminum "shell "available in either black powdercoat or clear anodize. All it would need is a cover for the bottom (even cardboard might work).

    I'm trying to gauge interest at this point. The attached enclosures were running around 275, but this new design would land somewhere in the $100-range.

    Is this something that you all would be interested in?

    Let me know!


    1279 x 851 - 80K
  • im interested justin i will to see more pics..

  • im very interested in the aluminum shell. i just got a kit, and was already wanting to do this. my dream casing would be aluminum with an angle grinder taken to it so its covered in swirls...and then clear anodized

  • definately interested in a unibody enclosure, clear anodized sounds good, let me know, thanks

  • hi gunboat, may this also be available for sparkfun-sizes keypads?

  • I'd be interested. Are you thinking about doing a 80h size one too? Also are you still doing 80h plates? Emailed you a couple weeks ago about getting an 80h plate started. LMK, great work man, looks real clean.

  • @BruceWayne
    Sparkfun-sized enclosures are not available for this design. The volume would make it prohibitively expensive to justify the tooling costs. If you could find 5-6 people and arrange a pre-buy, I could definitely swing it. Otherwise, I'd go with XNDR.

    @everyone else
    I'm loathe to adopt a pre-payment or downpayment system. I believe in only charging when the parts are ready to ship, like Amazon. But in this current environment, I might have to do it like Monome or XNDR and have prepayment.

    The enclosures will look just like the attached photo with the following exceptions:
    1. No seams or lines
    2. Clear Anodize
    3. Slightly narrower at the top than at the bottom

    I'll come up with some renderings, but in a recent run of good luck, our company is somewhat busy. Hopefully i can work on it over the weekend.

    Roger that.

    yes i do have 80h plates. i would also love to make an 80h enclosure bottom, but so few people, it seems few people have been making 80h's that i had given up on it. you're the first.

    1279 x 851 - 80K
  • @ gunboat

    I'd be interested in an enclosure; a faceplace at the least. Also could you list the overall final deminsions of your enclosure with the rendering?