using arc to control ableton parameters

  • Hi all, apologies if this has been addressed before - haven't been able to find a solution yet in the forums for this.

    I've been experimenting with writing patches to control various parameters in ableton live with Max for live, using arc four and 256.

    I've been using for as many of these as possible, which I have found works well with button presses from the 256, but I'm having big latency problems with the arc. I'm using a fairly simple setup of arc's delta values running into an accum object with a 'clip' object for the approprate minimum and maximum values. The value from this goes straight into the, controlling parameters like track volume and other device parameters.

    This works fine if the encoders are turned quite slowly but an sudden changes, especially repeated quick turns left and right, result in big delays before the parameter is updated in Live, sometimes up to a second.

    Any advice/opinions would be really appreciated - is this just a poor way of patching for M4L? Is the dat sent by the arc just too quick and precise for the 'live.' objects to handle?

    If anyone has any ideas that'd be great.

    Thanks in advance!


  • Can you post an example patch?

  • Solved! Should have thought to look in the M4L pack API examples sooner, now realise that live.remote is the object to be using for this.

    @nomubiku - thanks for taking an interest, hope you didn't spend much time on it! If it's something you were wondering about anyway, I'd be happy to post the patch just let me know.


  • @Chris Arthur - I'm glad you got it solved! The time I spent working on it was totally worth it anyway, got to write my first M4L patch! :)

  • I'd have suggested a speedlim object after the accum, but using the live.remote object is obviously a better answer.

  • It would be cool to have an Arc patch that contained the Live API Device Parameter mapping stuff. Is that what your doing in your patch @Chris Arthur?

    Would just need to rectify how light behavior should look, or maybe within the patch you could choose and change arc LED behavior?