Airwindows Plugins

  • Howdy, just got a free update to IronOxide with an email saying to spread the word... when i moved to LogicProX, it was one i noticed was missing but the latest update returns one of my favorites to me :)

    I think i must've bought it 3 years ago, and he's still sending me free updates, what kind of awesomeness is this?!

    Anyways, ...AIRWINDOWS! They good:

    and just so you know i'm not 'the new girl' ;D and this is not spam... i got hooked from back in this thread, scroll down to 'Wolf Interval':

  • i've been a convert since that thread as well!

  • man...
    some of the dopest plugins out there...

  • dude, my curiosity is definitely piqued. The idea of providing plugins that "work around" the mixer in a DAW to provide their own sound is .... NEAT-O-RAMA :D

  • their philosophy of 'hearing being more important than what the music looks like' is one of the main reasons, that even though i'm hardcore into Live 9, I still use Renoise so much.

    Really, I think trackers are kind of like some sort of modern form of notation.

  • @karaokaze YES!

    People get all weird when I tell them why hexadecimal makes sense if you're writing music in 4/4 - and it DOES! i've recently switched back to hex, i did the decimal thing for a while but ... "shit got weird".

    sick of doing little bits of math just to determine which bar I was on in a pattern, when I could just be like "080? cool, I'm good".

    what's ironic is that i'm at the point with renoise where I can at least read the "rhythms" of a pattern before hearing it, so I can "see" the music again. go figure :P

  • shit that reminds my, my license expires at 2.8.... i need to upgrade!