What's the new device?!?

  • Yeah..... sadly I don't think I'll buy into the first batch either..... my priorities of money right now are: student loans, new bike, and modular gear. So heres to hoping they sell out really fast and then tehn makes another edition (yes, I am hoping for all of this even before it is introduced)!

  • my guess is a 4x4 grid

    monome 8c
    sleek, scratch-proof plastic enclosure

    under $100

  • @mcdeltat what if it's modular gear though eh eh

    @gli 4x4 monome 3 years in the making w/ ezra buchla!

  • hate to ruin it for guys...
    but its a giant electric washtub bass.....
    with wifi

  • @tehn what if it's not modular gear? perhaps ... edible modular gear?

  • what about modular edible gear

    holy crazp it is a monome sandwich kit!

  • @tehn

    i know i know
    very weak apple 5c dig :)

    i'm trying not to think about the new device because once legit info is released...thats ALL that will fill my mind (even if i cant afford it right away)

  • eeeEEEEeeeeeee

  • wait... how did you know EXACTLY what i wanted for dinner!

  • ok my guess... instead of something that is primarily a controller and secondarily an actuator.. it's going to be primarily an actuator and secondarily a controller.

    I have no idea what means though.

  • @karokaze what these spammers don't understand is we're musicians, so even if you're a "beta male" like me, when you're on stage, you're "alpha" :P

  • I think it's a monome cube. 8x8x8 - 6 sides of 64 buttons - with a buchla complex oscillator in the middle

  • i know what it is! or at least, some of what it is. i was given a few details some months ago after a buddy attended a demo of it at some music/academic event. plus, there's a pic of what seems to be the completed knobby prototype...if you know where to look on the instant grams...

  • "Especially considering that it is modular technology"

    this was never a confirmed truth(?)
    (...unless of course, you consider that most technology these days(including the embedded engineering of things like digital timers on microwave-ovens) is modularly built and designed in some way...)

    karaokaze, Would a collaboration with Buchla make sense if it wasnt modular? Not sure on that.

  • is info coming before purchasability, or info and availability on day one?

  • our aim is to release all info, video, and purchasability on the same day, given the way the internet seems to work.

    we'll of course need everyone's help spreading the word.

  • @tehn - a limited run presumably? will you be giving a heads up to be ready for the posting (i.e. advance warning of date and time)? in the past monome & arc editions have sold pretty quickly so fast fingers are required to secure a device. this time it's going to be even harder - how much of the video will i need to watch before i hit the purchase button...scary...in the past we had the luxury of being able to make up our minds and be prepared to purchase...eta still 2 weeks?

  • There certainly is a picture floating around...
    I feel like posting it would take away from some fun

  • true

    it looks rad

  • oh, I'll be spreading the word like the freaking monome fanboy I am. if there was some sort of lisa-frank/teenage girl sticker book for the monome (a la bieber) I'd be a weekly subscriber :)

  • ...just to be clear is said set of colored pixels found on instant grams, because theres no way of searching online unless it's linked to a book of faces.....

    (Narrator: ,he wrote mysteriously.)

  • what's an instant gram? do you mean instagram? i've been searching for the picture and can find nothing

  • oh hang on!!!

  • can i place an order now? :)

  • Freelance Writer.

  • Eating adds instant grams. Which is why America has an obesity problem: we rejected the metric system and have been adding instant pounds ever since.

  • @greater jajajaja. We should have used the smaller measurement.

    @knecht did you find it? I just want a confirmation that said set of pixels exists to justify my time...

  • look for #monome on instagram and ye shall find

  • @mcdelta - yes i found it and now i know that i want one - i think that i can wok out what it does from the enclosure - it's worth your time hunting & i'm pretty sure this will be amazing

  • But yeah, +1 for not posting anything here. For example with the new iPhone, I'm already kinda bored for the announcement.... we bassically know everything about it already and it has a 2 week eta....

    EDIT: I had to scroll for a long time and I think I found it:

    That's it right?? The thing at the bottom there with 244 buttons right? JA.

  • @mcdelta - keep looking

  • Yeah.... wasn't sure that anyone got my joke. I found the image, just wanted to tease others..... noobs maybe?

  • what is the wooden enclosure with buttons in the pic there mcdeltat?

    woah that is a lot of buttons
    something like 200?!?!?!

  • Cheeky little Instagram right there :-)

  • @tehn, will it be open hardware like the monome or 'closed' like the arc?

  • the arc is closed?

  • the new device i'd definitely consider open. but will we post pcb files? almost certainly not. let's get into this further when it's announced.

    re: arc. i've handed out files to people who ask. remember the thread on copyask?

  • ah, i haven't seen the thread before, but now got it, thanks.

  • super excited to hear the details :)

  • @tehn - sorry to repeat a previous point...i think you've said that, unlike previous controller sales, this time you will post the new device details, video and purchase link simultaneously.

    is there a limited run of the new device? if there is, then the following questions make sense. will you be letting us know the date and time of the all important post in advance? will you be giving us an approximate price in advance? will payment be via google as currently? is the eta still 2 weeks? living in the uk it can smooth credit card purchases of overseas goods if you let the credit card provider know about the timing and amount of a high value item in advance. thanks

  • @knecht: yes, i'll announce the date hopefully a week in advance. it looks like it's going to be around sept 20. we had to push back due to some manufacturers lagging-- i'm always overoptimistic-- we have some new vendors as we're using some new processes.

    we'll be producing 100 units initially but should have the ability to follow up with more quickly if needed.

    we're switching credit card processors as google checkout is discontinuing in november.

    the main reason we're holding off with details is that i believe that our initial announcement must carry the most weight-- have the most to show, as the internet has a very short attention span.

  • i think whatever the new device might be… we will all be hungry for it!
    that's what your products do to poor people like us :-D

  • @tehn - thanks for the update.

    totally understand and respect your reasons for holding back with the details until you're fully prepared. will certainly notify a couple of friends who are likely to be interested in the new device. suspect this website holds folks' attention more than most.

    one last question - will you be notifying us of the new payment method in advance too so that we can set up accounts in readiness?

    @karaokaze - two weeks without food is funds for the new device

  • this all just reminds me of when jonsi put out his solo album and john best, sigur ros' manager, said "holy fuck. are you ready?"

    (i believe more context for this came from john alluding to "von," the first sigur ros album, which to him was a revolution for the general public in many ways... [grids/arcs]... and then noting that jonsi had once again produced a ground breaking work of the same magnitude and paradigm shift with his now album "go".... [the new device??])

  • ...

    I really dislike sigur ros :/