• i don't suppose anyone has built the simplebonjour external on windows nt? if so could you zip it and share please - i'm unable to build it at home.

  • Hey there, unfortunately simplebonjour will only build on Mac OS and unix-like systems. I would help you with the coding but I have too much on my plate right now :/

    Any C developers out there have time to build Windows support into

  • @murray - i'm working on it - once i've got something that runs i'll check it in

  • Awesome, thanks for grabbing the reins on that. Let me know your github name too so I'll give you collab access.

  • hey murray - after some updates to the build script and source code i've now complied and linked simplebonjour on windows and it's partially working. i followed all the instructions in the readme. the only externals i have installed beyond the vanilla installation are: mrpeach, osc, oscx and simplebonjour. when i send a browse _monome-osc._udp to the left inlet i appear to get no output at the right outlet nor any messages in the pd window but when i send a resolve m64-0415 local message to the right inlet i do get the correct port returned to the left outlet :)

    i guess that now i should be able to send messages to the monome using the mrpeach objects to let it know the port to send to my pd app on and then i should be in business.

    in your readme you say that "shortly all discovered services will be output as symbols thru right output". this is the bit that currently doesn't appear to work - it may be that you never got as far as implementing this functionality? so for the time being i need to know the monome device services that are available, ideally it would be possible to use the right outlet data to present a drop down of available i missing something?

  • Awesome! Great news and thanks for your hard work. This functionality should be present and I remember choosing my monome from a list of bonjour services in several pd patches I wrote with simplebonjour. I'll test on a posix system tomorrow and get back to you.

    (did you try cross-checking your implementation with testbonjor.pd?)

  • hi murray - yes, tested with testbonjour but the right outlet just goes blank when you send a browse _monome-osc._udp message to the left inlet.

  • Hi knecht,

    Sorry for the delay on this. I was able to get pd-vanilla installed on my linux box (finally, for some reason the source install of pd is a pretty FUBAR'd procedure) and do some testing with simplebonjour..

    I actually do get a list of monomes out of the right outlet when i try to "browse _monome-osc._udp". Try hooking up a 'print' object to that right outlet to test again. If it still doesn't work that's probably where your work begins.

    However, I am not able to resolve ports anymore. Going to look into this, maybe some API has changed somewhere..

  • Finally got around to performing more testing with pd-vanilla and simplebonjour.

    I got it to work!
    The build script needs to be fixed, but basically you need to replace simplebonjour's included "m_pd.h" file with the one from your pd-vanilla sources.

    EDIT: Also, in simplebonjour.c, change "import " to ' import "m_pd.h" ' if it's not a system-installed pure-data build.

    This is because when I wrote the tool, I didn't fully understand how to make the pd externals' build scripts properly portable from one system to another.

    Not sure if this helps you with Windows, if I can get more time to test with that platform I will (though, don't hold your breath)