most digestable form of monome app user guides,demos etc (without video gear)

  • Hi all,

    I'm wrapping up a monome application whose functionality is undocumented and needs to be! The problem is I don't know the best way to go about effectively presenting the operation of a substantial monome tool without access to any decent video gear. The text-only route is rather terrible and slideshows are annoying to reference.

    How would you like to be taught to use a monome application (if you couldn't have a video example)?
    I know I'll need at the least a visual map of the monome with key mappings, but I'd really appreciate your take.


  • Thanks Raja!, this is just what I need to get moving on this. Your Monomahna has very clear and concise pdf docs and I appreciate the effort you've spent on them! I'll be borrowing a bit from you. Unfortunately my program is command-line, so the only in-application help will be a manpage.

  • haha! i'm not sure that file should be a golden standard.

  • well there'll be an html user manual, but the program itself isn't going to have any floating tooltips! haha i fondly remember chuckling while i paged thru "mlr_info"