¿ From Monome to Numerology ?

  • Just beginning to wrap my head around Numerology3 - such a powerfully wonderful application ! - and I can't seem to be able to route from say, Polygomé, to N3.

    I've managed to sync Polygomé *to* N3 behaving as the master clock (Polygomé tracks both the tempo changes and the selected octave), but the reverse doesn't seem to work.
    To be more specific, I'm trying to use Polygomé's midi out in order to play whatever sent I've activated within N3, and possibly to filter and tweak Polygomé's output and to tickle N3's various modules.
    I can see the midi monitor light up in N3 but that's it - the signal doesn't appear to go downstream from there (yes I did check all the internal routing, they looks ok).
    And yes, the notes generated directly by N3's arpeggiators are played correctly by the synt.

    Anyone have an idea where the signal flow is being interrupted?



  • Apologies.
    It worked this time around :-/
    For those who might wonder
    The trick is to add the Note Processor module, connected to the main MIDI in then out to the synth. Mute input to hear only the processed sound (i.e. polygomé in my case).