What's the new device?!?

  • I am just hoping it will integrate my monome and arc4 with the modular WITHOUT the need for laptop...

  • or that it indicates that the new device makes the monome and arc o b s o l e t e ....
    I would be soooo sad.

  • Thanks for the reassuring perspective though.

    I hope you are right! ;-)

  • laborcamp, for modular integration, the RPi is an alternative. It can run a lot of interesting code (Super Collider, PD, etc). However, you will need an additional PSU for your interfaces.

  • i'm imagining that the new device is to "the generation of sound" what the monome is to "controlling/monitoring things"....and probably more desk-top semi-modular than modular...i expect you'll be able to control it with monome/arc ...it's getting closer every day...i should shut up too...it just helps me to manage my excitement by rambling on about it.

  • so what is this thing called anyway?

  • damn. i was sure it was #teapot

  • redacted

  • well i just stumbled into aleph numbers

    so i imagine it has something to do with that

    or borges...

  • borges! that'll do me.

  • @laborcamp

    clever quote...but i would not trust that website as a source

  • ++1 for borges - just referred to my copy: "The Aleph?" I repeated. "Yes, the place where, without admixture or confusion, all the places of the world, seen from every angle, coexist."

    ....seems most appropriate for the little box of openness...

  • i do recommend the borges story.

    also read about degrees of infinity. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aleph_number

    ezra provided the name.

  • a quick wiki search led me there
    that's why i erased my question

    great to have confirmation tho...and now the math-inclined hounds will attempt to suss out how this thing relates to the concepts described there

  • scholarly but highly-recommended book on georg cantor's mathematics and philosophy!

    ...given that borges named another story "the zahir," i figure he was playing with the confluence of hebrew and sufi thought. these concepts are probably pre-quranic and pre-biblical.

    "there is on the table to the heart nothing but the alif of my Friend's stature:
    what shall i do? my teacher gave me no other letter to memorize!" - khwaja hafez

  • It certainly seems that we are in for a mystical experience

  • well, its just a name. most curious to see what yall make of the thing itself!

  • Can not wait!

  • found it heartening that pope frances is apparently an avid reader of Borges...
    I imagine him with the book of imaginary beings ( tucked cautiously inside the bible ) at sermons... subtly flitting from one to the other.. maybe simply to see if anyone notices..
    -he could certainly afford the Aleph.. -coupled with the vatican's mechanised reed organ.
    ( they do have one right ) -well, we can still dream yeah ?


  • @leaflitter : maybe it has to do with the fact that (from what I read) Borges was an anticommunist, an initial Peron supporter, and later briefly supported the military junta?
    Alas, this all leads to a very slippery slope, once we begin to include the new pope.
    So let us not stray too far.
    The Aleph ... what, when... WHY?


  • indeed borges adopted some problematic political stances as well as some admirable ones.* and indeed, that is quite a critical rabbit hole, and... maybe... a little... tangential? ;)

    anyways. aleph, alef or alif is the first letter of several ancient alphabets. it has a correspondingly vast history of symbolism, which cantor seems to have been drawing on in his selection of the aleph (and the omega!) to denote cardinality and ordinality. i think this is cool.

    our 'aleph' ( א - null ?) is a music creation device which, in monome style, aims for infinite possibilities and minimal assumptions, on a bigger canvas than buttons and lights. so hopefully it can (sort of) live up to its name. we are really looking forward to sharing more details very shortly!

    - ezra b

  • [tangential footnote]

    * my volume of "Selected Non-Fiction" includes a really remarkable collection called "Notes on Germany and the War," a series of outraged attacks on the nazis published 1937-1941. they are amazing. and this, from the notes:

    "Argentina... generally supported the Spanish, Italian, and German fascists at all levels of society... Borges was not only unwaveringly anti-Fascist; he was ardently Semitophile in a period when anti-Semitism was fashionable; and a Germanophile dedicated to salvaging German culture from the Nazis and their Argentine supporters."

    he was also, indeed, anti-marxist and an anglophile. (bearing in mind the special meanings of these things during ww2!) he was a self-described conservative pacifist who nevertheless supported a military government. lots of fodder for interesting debate if thats your jam... but alas, it is not exactly mine.

    back to work, everyone... ( except raj ;) )

  • a cool name, to be sure, but this temporary fixation with what "aleph" means will only last until we know more about the device itself

    i'm definitely intrigued and excited about the possibilities of it

    saving up!

  • "but this temporary fixation with what "aleph" means will only last until we know more about the device itself"

    ... and/or until Beth is released! :-)

  • "back to work, everyone... ( except raj ;) )"

    haha, almost missed that, amidst my lurk.
    good call.
    after all,
    trolling these forums IS my work! >:D

  • Also sprach Zebratrusta:
    "our 'aleph' ( א - null ?) is a music creation device which, in monome style, aims for infinite possibilities and minimal assumptions, on a bigger canvas than buttons and lights..."
    looks like this thingamajig will have soft AND hard skills at the same time.
    Standalone? ...like, load your favourite applications and a couple of noisemakers (synths and/or samplers), amplify and enjoy?
    Ah...the wait!

    Happy weekend


  • I've been away for what seems like eons and have to say I'm excite to see what comes out. And hello dear monome community.

  • Heh.... I just realized I was describing something like my old alubody Tenori-on :-))


  • hi @watson! welcome back.

  • hi everyone! I'm here as well, lurking...
    waiting news from these genius, and afraid of losing some money soon...

  • On the second page of this thread @Tehn said "yes, i'll announce the date hopefully a week in advance. it looks like it's going to be around sept 20"

  • just a couple of weeks left! :-)

  • ...and then we'll all be poor, but happy...

  • "...and then we'll all be poor, but happy..."

    that could be the sales slogan: "mo aleph, less problems" :D

  • I was inspired by those name investigations, but I think tehn lied to us all. It's really going to be called the monomeC (for colors). It will be available in red, blue, green, yellow, and purple plastic enclousiers.

    And as for all this Ezra Buchla stuff..... I call bluff. I mean, he doesn't even have a wikiPedia page. All these images / performances over the years have been bluffs. It's another man, named Brac Ezulha.

  • god, give us a sign that we may one day live in peace and rest easy our eyes, mouths, and hands. show us the light and envelop our mortal bodies in your warmth and put our earthly ways into remission. we lie in wait. lord jesus, king of kings, lamb of god, give us strength to endure this fucking suspense because it is fuckin killing me

  • this was a lolz that backfirded due to technical issues

  • well
    this thread took an unexpected turn