What's the new device?!?

  • "this was a lolz that backfirded"

    backfirded? ha, yes, also backfarted :D

    nah, but, if i may offer a play-by-play of what happened here: they both told a good joke. ya see, MCDELTAT started off a bit way over in leftfield with the 'monomeC' thing(a joke must not be too elaborate or it ends up sounding awkward, like one of mine :D), but THEN, he started revvin up his engines and made a smooth and, albeit also leftfield but ridonkulously hilarious statement about Ezra being Brac Ezulha(because if you'll notice one thing about Ezra, he likes his letter-rearrangements)... which is funny on the level of Ezra's own humor, but also on the level of imagining someone that looks as well-kept and elegantly wiry as Ezra, being named something as blue-collar-tough as "Brac"(but i don't mean to make fun of the way Ezra looks in any way, except in the way, that Ezra doesn't look at all like a "Brac").
    MCDELTAT therein saved his joke from a trainwreck with that final line :D
    (and as we all know: saving jokes from trainwrecks makes them ultimately funny)

    Now on to iamgoldman... oh the pressure's on! Having to follow up the esoteric wild imaginings of MCDELTAT, he stepped up to the plate determined to hit the umpire in the face no matter how out-of-bounds he had to hit the ball. He begins with the word "god"... uh oh... it starts to sound creepy, not the kind of creepy of pedophiles and pervs, but the kinda creepy of bible-toting serial-killers. He ends his first sentence with "put our earthly ways into remission" which puts the icing on the cake as far as creepy fanaticism goes. The audience, at this point, is either feeling guilty, or feeling angry over the mere proposition of guilt. then a very short sentence, "we lie in wait". oh that's even more creepy, not because of the subject matter but because of how short the sentence is.
    and finally! on to the "crème_de_la_crème‎" if you will: "lord jesus, king of kings, lamb of god"....
    NO! Too creepy! (Unless you're rastafarian who speaks Jamaican patois with authentic accent, and then and only then does it actually sound cool.) He's gone overboard! You see it's ok to mention Jesus, but when you append that name with several other titles, you can start to sound like a serial-killer right before he's about to kill, or like Samuel Jackson in that famed Pulp-Fiction scene where he recites that line about you knowing he's the lord when he lays his vengeance, yadayadayada...
    BUT WAIT! iamgoldman has an ingenius trick up his sleeve: with his final sentence, looking over the estranged looks in the audience, feeling the tension of religious fanaticism coupled with audience judgmentalism hanging thick in the air, he delivers his final yet most clever turn: he drops the F-bomb in the same sentence where he spoke about Jesus(oh! now we all realize he's not a bible-toting serial-killer and the mere release of tension is enough to make us all laugh, a bit like when people laugh out of joy, but also out of a release of nervousness.... when they find out this person pretending to be a serial-killer will not be killing them after all).
    Oh that was good, iamgoldman. Very very good.

    These jokes were not only genius in their humor, but also in the way they progressed the audience towards an ever approaching dangerous cliff of creepiness and awkwardness, just before pulling them back from it. Good work, gentleman!


  • ok!

    proper announcement soon, but we're (ezra, kelli, and i) will be presenting at the decibel festival in seattle thursday sept 26.

    we're moving the public announcement to that same day. it'll be helpful for us all to be together for last minute fixes etc.

    that is that!

  • i dunno, brac ezulha sounds appropriately romanian ( / vampiric )

  • "this was a lolz that backfirded"

    backfirded? ha, yes, also backfarted :D

    i meant mine which i deleted but i managed to confuse at least one person (as well as myself?)

  • "i dunno, brac ezulha sounds appropriately romanian ( / vampiric )"

    yes a bit like vlad the impaler. you're right.

    "i meant mine which i deleted"

    oops, my bad. still fun, though :D

  • my guess, its something like the raspberry pi (programmable) but designed for audio, interfacing with modulars, monomes, arcs, other gear.

  • ja.
    I am super stoked on the date! 26th it is!

    But really my name switch up was going for portuguese because they have lots of words with "lh" in it, making a"ya"-ish sound.

  • guys a promo video

  • Awesome, Jay!

  • that cant be real

    looks like an snl skit or something

  • so, is this it?...


    612 x 612 - 147K
  • How was I supposed to know if this was IT or not IT?!? :-)

  • No effing way mate...!
    That thing looks like one of those danish design radios... and the aesthetics are nothing like what we know and love...
    And just look at the symbolism...
    "Guys - chill out, have a cuppa chai and just stop looking for signs everywhere [reference to the binoculars]..."

    Just my 2 euro cents' worth


  • eeeeeeEEEEEeeeeeee!

  • AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaAAA!

  • Aleph? I'd recommend the Sefer Yetzirah, then again if we're talking infinity, and it's occult philosophy and not mathematics we're referring to, I suppose, given the infinity reference, it should be called Ain, or Ain Soph...

    Kether would be good too, but our feeble human minds can't comprehend that... probably similar to witnessing cthulhu ;)

  • yes, yes, yes. but how does it sound?

  • to be fair that's a REALLY nice teapot.

  • i like danish design radios :p

  • This is the second time I've had to move "check monome.org for device announcement" on my calendar. But I'm actually relieved, as "lose interest in GTA V" was already happening the week of the 20th. Less conflict now.

  • "yes, yes, yes. but how does it sound?"

    it sounds open-ended :D

  • ...or to put it another way, how would you like it to sound?

  • wait a sec...THATS the device???!??!!

    i thought it was a touch sensitive tea cup

  • Ok, here we go:


    1205 x 1206 - 366K
  • ^ Just saw this as well. stoked.

  • oh wow - that confirms the monome connectivity then - hope there's a second usb in for an arc - no pc required - that's great - this was apparent from previous pic too but assuming those are patch cable sockets below the four big knobs...the excitement's killing me...

  • Yes... the back panel seems carefully invisible :-)

  • This is going to be good...

  • yeah -- that just got me excited 8^O. We're going to need a bigger boat.

  • Well I thought I was going to sell my madrona labs soundplane...now I have to wait a little longer

  • ....for real? AMAZING. and they do it again...

  • is the monome plugged into it?? or do the cords break apart outside the picture?

  • It's a monome controlled danish design shortwave radio :-p
    each button can be tied to a a different radio station... launch polygomé and the fun begins. Signal of each radio (or static) is sampled realtime and pitched - the radio station's signal is the oscillator ;-)


  • Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

  • If thats the real thing in its final shape, then I think it looks a bit disappointing. I don't know what it does (and in the end this is what matters) but just the pure visual aspect can't keep up with the other devices. I't just not as appealing as a grid/arc. All those buttons look a bit messy and seem to break with the monome spirit in terms of simplicity/minimalism.

    Well, thats just my opinion. But I'll wait for it nevertheless - I'm sure it has a lot to offer. :)

  • @TheSlowGrowth - while i don't personally agree with your opinion, perhaps one point to make regarding its aesthetic/design/appeal is that its crazy inspiring to me when i think about it as compared to hooking my grid/arc up to a laptop (even just in terms of size)!!!

  • I can see that it could generate a new kind of workflow with monomes - because it does not need a computer to work.
    But when the arc arrived, it made me think "Ahhhhhh, it's so pretty, all those beautiful lights..." and I stared at the beautiful light reflections that appeared on the sides of the knobs. Its simplicity immediately made me feel attracted and my brain started thinking of how this could be used to control music, etc, etc.
    Now when I look at the aleph, it just looks like an ordinary box for musicians. It could be a "Native Instruments Core" controller or a sound card with some more buttons. There is nothing bad about that but it (at least to me) just lacks the appeal of the grid/arc.

    But once again, I don't want to bitch about this. They put a lot of work into it - and given the things they released so far, I'm pretty sure it is awesome and it will convince me when I see what it does. I'm just trying to say that it just can't give me that kind of immediate love i felt with the grid/arc.

  • i'm quite skeptic about this being the new device. Can't imagine that a near four years work in progress leaks this way. Man, monome isn't Apple!

    And indeed the aesthetic doesn't really match, which is surprising given the high standard achieved by Grid and Arc.

    My 2 cents : the guys behind all that are fooling us with an early proto or something.

  • You know, that would be jaw dropping cool, if it turned out that this was a decoy!

  • y'all are hilarious.

  • True!

    But think twice : Tehn is teasing us for months, turning all of us mad, postponing the announcement ... and Kelli would post an instagram pic with a massive tag like "#secretprototype?" Meh?

    Maybe i'm wrong, and i'm just trying not to be too disappointed by the global aspect of the thing... I came to expect from them something clearly different than some kind of Waldorf boxes.

    Wait and see!

  • I've got to side with @Eudox @TheSlowGrowth - looking at the aesthetics that Brian and Kelli have worked on in the past, this "thing" looks like most contraptions I can see on music-produktiv or thomann.de, very prosumer in a shiny Ginza way. A dramatically radical departure from the minimalistic monome past in other words.
    @tehn is probably laffing his head off at all of this... have a feeling that what's going to be under the proverbial tarp will be something different... I feel like betting a good handmade brew on this possibility.
    Peace and danish radios

  • if you are disappointed already i guess i feel sorry for you

    this is a collaboration (with as yet unveiled features)...so why does it have to look like other monomes?

    remember the tetrafol

  • ... yeah. It is hard not to let these images get your imagination going.

    I have my thoughts on the design aspect as well, but decided to wait until the proper announcement to form my final thoughts. Fact is, we are not entirely sure if this is THE item, nor do we know exactly what it does!

    That leaves very little to go on in terms of assessment :-)

  • I think it "looks" delightfully minimal. Most importantly, those encoders and knobs look brilliantly useable.

    I'll also remind that this beautiful thing was also a once a prototype.

    400 x 300 - 51K
  • if the design has a polarizing effect that works in my favor

    less competition on 0926