current inventory

  • all newest walnut edition available! see to order.

    we have a few grayscale units left.e-mail with your shipping address if you're interested. i'll send a payment link. all units in new condition, from old stock parts. recently build and fully tested. grayscale 64 - $500. sold out of 128.

  • we're sold out of the walnut 64. we have a handful of 128's. less than 20 of the rest.

  • (@ Tehn) I live in Spain, but I'm at a military address. Is there any way to purchase any devices and have it shipped to Armed Forces Europe?

  • i believe i fixed this.

  • Will another round of 64's be released with the aleph?

  • Agreed ^.Very interested in a 64. Sadly the times i have $500 and the times monomes are for sale never line up! I hope the kit comes back someday too.

  • we have a few stray units (late plates) that will be available in a couple weeks.

  • next edition doesn't have a schedule yet.

  • thanks for the update, tehn.

  • I hope to purchase a '256' as an X-mas gift to myself. :)