New app: Mark Eats Sequencer (Updated 2014-11-09)

  • Awesome! :D

  • @markeats have you tested this baby out with the new teenage engineering op-lab? I am about to order an op-lab I think I really want to have my modular equipment and my monome communicating!

    This is really awesome though!!! AHHHHHHH! LOVEEE IT!!!!!!!

  • i haven't tried the oplab stuff at all no, sure it'd be fun – would love to see if you do get this hooked up to a modular :)

  • @markeats I will be soon! Will make a video and post when I do! Currently connecting fine via midi to all my digital synths though. This is a really awesome program, you have certainly devoted a lot of time and effort into this! Ive got a question, for writing in our own scales, is a lower case b used for a flat? I really enjoy writing out my music and this will be an extremely fun way for me to integrate my process.

    Question, is there a way we can get a note hold function? for a single note? by extending the boxes behind it? I want to keep the double trigger function incase I want to for instance trigger the same note right after the other as sixteenth notes but I would like the option to make whole, half, and quarter notes as well. I understand this is possible now, but you have to change every note out of a sixteenth to whatever value note you want.

    If you could integrate that feature by any chance and possibly fix the crashing (I crash a lot, if I try to do quick chord changes, [press mad pads] it crashes) I would certainly donate, and donate a good amount because it would be one of the main features in my production. I love your sequencer SOOO MUCH <333333 lol.

  • that's great to hear you're getting into it :D

    re: flat notes, yep that's correct. The interface will show it as the equivalent sharp but you can input it either way. Try it and you'll see what I mean.

    I'm not sure I follow what your suggestion is for adjusting note length, although I totally understand it is tedious to change the length of several notes. You've played around with adjusting the step length right? Are you suggesting that there be a way to add notes of different default lengths?

    the next release should have some fixes for some of the more common crashes – if you still experience them after that I'd like to get more details from you.

  • What Im suggesting is hopefully to have a feature implemented that allows each note to be held for a different length. It would be awesome to set a low bass note to like two half notes for instance and half a bunch of treble range notes be able to launch as eigth notes or sixteenth notes? Right now, it seems we can only implement one note length, per the whole step sequencer, it would be awesome to let each note have its own length. Let me know if this already exists and Im just an idiot lol! @markeats

  • @QTheeReArranger Ah then yes I think it does do what you want. Holding on a note will allow you to adjust its individual length and velocity. Check the 'Sequencer: Edit Note' page of the User Guide for the full info.

    The step length setting in the desktop UI is per page and defines what the minimum note length can be.

  • I will check this out and let you know! I look forward to the update! hopefully I can get an op-lab soon! I really look forward to helping you develop your programs in any way possible. Will be uploading a video of me using the MES (Mark Eats Sequencer) at some point in time over the next month!

  • Ive read the notes and I am still having issues with changing the note length and velocity. everytime I hold down a button it takes me to the non sequencer page. Could you please explain this more to a layman like me? @markeats

  • @qtheerearranger here's a demo of note editing:

    And I've just put up a new release. Honestly, it's still really unstable when adding & removing notes quickly, but there's some workflow improvements I thought worth sharing while I get on with re-working that buggy code:

    + Added keyboard & gesture shortcuts, see the User Guide for the full list
    + You can now cut, copy and paste patterns (all available in desktop interface, only copying on the monome) – here's a demo
    + Showing note lengths on the grid is now optional – this is for you @mism
    - The User Guide is now located in the help menu, along with some other helpful links, and you'll be prompted to view it on first run
    - Added a custom document icon
    - Small visual tweaks to desktop and monome interfaces
    - Fixed common crashes when creating a new document
    - Fixed the bug whereby notes wouldn't appear in the desktop interface when a new document was created
    - Fixed a bug where clearing a pattern would clear the wrong one when pattern quantization was set to none
    - Fixed an obscure bug where using a 64 with a file that had notes outside the grid's width would mess up adding/removing notes

  • i got it working fine, took some getting use to but I got it, Thanks mark!

  • Is the update live on your website @markeats?

    The download I just did from your website, no longer has a grid, and now I can no longer use my Mark Eats Sequencer :-(

    As in the program loads, it reads my monome and midi information and everything, but the program loads without visually displaying the grid in the software. The only thing I see is play and patterns. Screen shot following

  • Wonderful Mark!

    Thank you for making the visual note length an option ;) Great!

    - So far I had a crash when I copied/pasted a pattern (on try worked fine, one crashed)
    - I also had some random, but regular freezes lately (only testet the previous version so far) when playing around with different pattern variations on row two and three.

    Works fine here on os x 10.8.4. Try again after rebooting and repairing permissions on your mac.

  • @qtheerearranger hard to tell without a bit more info... checking to see if there's any messages in the Console would be good. Did you already try closing the document and creating a new one? Restarting the app?

    here's the old version just in case:

  • @markeats I am having huge issues with this update. I am running Os x 10.8.4 as well. Do I need to place this app outside of my max patch folder or some place special>? I deleted the old one before I updated, is that in any way an issue?

  • My serial osc and monome seem to be communicating with other apps such ass the chocolate grinder and mlrv, however each time I open the sequencer it says I can connect to my monome, as in it visually displays it, but it does not connect, then I quit it to try to restart, and it crashes after a while, then next time I load the patch It loads blank and crashes the second I click something.

    EDIT: I have found a loophole, if I open a new file, as long as I dont click the other mark eats sequencer that opens on start, it wont crash, but it opens a buggy page.

  • Maybe just stick with build 4 if that's more stable for you for now Q? Honestly, both builds are pretty buggy but in their own unique ways ;)

  • @markeats I am having more bugs with the update, but this issue is persisting over both installs. For some reason, it opens up a file window, now that Ive messed with the bug it happens to unfortunately open four unactive windows, in which if I click it crashes. This is something as I said Ive figured out how to get around but if its something that is fixable please investigate! Still crashing here and there, for seemingly different reasons than on the previous update. Keep up the work Mark I feel that you are close to getting this baby to a final build per say. Set up a donations page I feel guilty loving this app so much for free lol.

  • Sounds like there's some corrupted documents somehow. When it crashes, the next time you open it if you see the message that gives you the option "Don't Reopen" windows then that may help.

    Thanks for the support – I think once we get to a stable-ish beta build I'll get a donations page up :)

  • featured!

  • wow thanks for the kind words tehn – super cool :)

  • @markeats Played around with the app for the first time last weekend and am enjoying this a ton. Also syncing to Ableton, which so far works very well. Just wanted to ask if you see the possibility to add support for rotation of the monome? The way my monome and arc are set up, I need to specify 90 degree rotation for the monome, so every time I now want to use Mark Eats Sequencer, I now have to physically rotate the monome. Small thing, but would be convenient to have a setting for that. Besides that: Awesome work, and thanks for sharing with the community!

  • Great! Yep definitely a possibility. Can I ask – for most apps how are you setting the rotation? Are you just using the 'rotate.maxpat' and then all apps that follow conform to that?

  • @markeats I am setting rotation through serialosc at the moment. In my current setup, I am clicking "connect" and then set the rotation to 90 degrees. Hope that helps.

  • @myecholalia cool, i'll take a look at adding rotation support in a following build

  • I've put a new version up that i think is a pretty big improvement – would love to hear how you guys get on, especially in terms of stability, with this new build. Here's the changes:

    - Major re-write of loads of code to improve stability, performance (CPU usage is about half what it was) and future awesomeness. Sorry, songs saved with older versions are not compatible
    + New 'slice' playback mode only triggers steps in the sequence when you scrub to them, @edison you might like this one!
    - Play mode buttons on monome have been adjusted (press the active play mode to pause)
    - Desktop interface and monome pages are now linked
    - Undo & redo work as expected
    - Visual improvements to monome interface
    - Fixed accidental copying of patterns on the monome when trying to change more than one
    - Tweaks to pattern quantization, 'none' is no longer necessary

  • @markeats I AM LOVING THIS UPDATE!!!

    My stability is extremely high, I am jamming and creating scene quickly and moving onto the next patterns. I am in love. this app is perfect. Question, it may be because I'm a midi noob but I have a digital roland and I send the signal to the roland but it splits the signals of the highs in lows (which i assume you did on purpose because of integrating scales) but when I have my highs in lows all combined and not split, it still will only play the highs as if its split still unless I hit a chord thats in the lows then it will play the lows still, but i walk over and hit a key on the synth and it plays as expected with both lower higher and solo. Is this something that is my fault for my lack of knowledge? I wonder if @stretta has any knowledge on this idea.

  • awesome! in reading through your question i'm not totally sure i follow completely but Sequencer doesn't 'split' the notes in any way. Everything on a page will be sent on that one MIDI channel. Could the problem be that this particular synth doesn't support enough polyphony to play all the notes you're asking it to at once?

  • this updated version runs like a champ on my old computer. great work @markeats!

  • Does anyone have experience connecting Mark Eats Sequencer with pages, and Abelton? Having some trouble getting this done. Any help would be super duper

    sorry for posting on this, and the pages thread. Got a little excited...

  • @brave microwave i can give some advice about working with Sequencer & Ableton if you can give some more details as to what you're trying to achieve and what is/isn't working?

    Pages I'm not an expert on but I'm sure several others are.

  • I'm trying to use Sequencer specifically with pages, using the external app page. I am getting no response from the monome, but Sequencer will connect with the pages external app page. I need to know the correct midi input/output settings, and the correct sync setting. I want to control a drum rack inside of Ableton using Sequencer, routed through pages.

  • sorry i'm not sure what you mean by the correct settings? Sequencer can send MIDI output wherever you tell it to in the preferences. It's not capable of receiving MIDI input.

  • Ok, so there is no way to sync tempo between Ableton and Sequencer? My live setup I change tempo with a knob, and I wanted Sequencer to follow this tempo changing.

    What I mean by correct midi settings is referring to a Pages specific problem. I don't know weather to send the midi to an IAC midi driver, or to runtime. I have multiple other apps receiving and sending midi, so it gets a little tangled.

  • You can sync Sequencer to any MIDI clock source by selecting it on the Sync tab in Preferences. Usually with Ableton its easiest to go via the 'To Mark Eats Sequencer' option.

  • Ok, I did that. I can see the buttons responding inside of the Sequencer window, but the monome does not light up at all. It also does not play and stop with Ableton, I have to play and stop inside of the Sequencer window.

    I noticed that when you run Sequencer solo with ableton, you have to setup Midi sync, remote and track settings in Ableton preferences, and this doesn't show up when running through pages. I'm wondering if it's compatible.. ?

    I really appreciate the help, sorry for not being very savvy on the computer stuffs >.<

  • yeah no problem! hmm so you can get everything working when you take Pages out of the equation? In that case maybe someone who knows pages may be better to answer. It seems to me that the MIDI shouldn't need to go through Pages at all though – that should just go direct from Sequencer to Ableton.

  • working directly with Sequencer and Ableton would be ideal, only problem is that my live PA setup depends upon running multiple apps at the same time. I wish I had another Monome to dedicate solely to Sequencer.

    I have it working by itself, but it still does not start and stop with ableton. should it? Or does it have to be stopped and started within the Sequencer window?

  • yes it should follow ableton's start / stop / tempo when sync is being received. make sure ableton is sending 'sync' to Sequencer and Sequencer is set to use that as it's clock source.

  • Still no luck with the sync. This is what my midi preferences look like inside of Ableton. I have the internal settings set as told.

  • @brave....
    looks like you're running sync from sequencer not to...
    check that yo!

  • Ok, that makes sense, but there is no listed 'Output; Mark Eats Sequencer.'
    (edit- I wasn't scrolling down lol oops.)

    Also, I'm thinking that pages might not be compatible with Sequencer. When you connect through External App on pages I can't even get the OK light pattern to show up.

    What I'm trying to do here is get MLR like scrub-ability for Drum Racks being controlled by step sequencer. Right now I use 3 separate Pages internal step sequencers to control 3 drum racks. The idea was to replace the Pages native step sequencers with external Apps pages controlling M.E.Sequencers. This way I would be able to chop up the patterns I set up on the fly. I'm thinking another way to do this would be to use something like Live Clip Chopper to chop the drum racks, and continue to use the Step Sequencers native to Pages. Anybody else have another idea on how to accomplish this?

  • Update:

    I have everything working with pages and Sequencer, except no lights on the monome.
    Sequencer is sending midi correctly, and is synced to Ableton, but no lights.

  • New build up now!

    + Support for monome rotation, including 128 vertical
    + The 'scrub other pages' row now allows setting loops when MLR style is enabled
    - Fixed a bug where note length was drawn incorrectly in desktop UI when using an 8-wide monome
    - Fixed a bug which caused notes to not play for their full length if re-triggering them while they were still playing
    - (Hopefully) fixed an occasional crash bug when entering note edit mode
    - 'Clear pattern' is now 'Delete' in Edit menu, make sure to select the pattern first

    You might have also noticed that Sequencer now has a new web page :)

  • Wanted to holler...
    Been digging in to this a bunch this week....
    The last update was huge! (Downloading todays one now!)
    Really really amazing stuff man...
    Everything is really tight...
    Super stable... Worked on it for hours today, without a hiccup...
    The Mlr/transpose/loop combo is just incredible and really well laid out...
    It promotes some crazy loop insanity...
    Acoustic strings, abletons slice to midi and markeats is some serious weaponry...

    I guess one feature request... (Tell me if this would make sense?)
    A reset in one button that snaps all sequences to full loop length and play normal from step 1...
    I start building up sequences and getting a nice thing going...
    Then I start fucking with order and random a loop lengths and transpose...
    Starts getting crazy...
    It would be so dope to just hit one button and be right back to square one, ya know?
    I dunno, maybe I just need to get better with the pattern triggers ...
    But just a thought....!
    Anyway, amazing work man!!
    Keep it up!!!

  • @edison ah great, can't wait to see what you come up with! nice that you're trying it out in combo with slice to midi too, that's something i've only just touched upon myself but feels like it has a ton of potential for beat re-arranging etc.

    definitely an interesting suggestion, makes total sense. kind of like a 'release the drop' button ;) you've got me thinking now, maybe there's a way to make it more of a 'preset' button so it wouldn't have to only reset everything to zero, but would reset everything to a state you defined. i'll have to give it some proper thought how best to make it work but i definitely think you're onto something...

  • Fuck yea!!
    That's even radder!!

  • I bet no windows version planned, right?
    I would love to test this one out.