Spam spam spam

  • They are at it again under different guises on our fair forum monomers! Little buggers

  • google captcha isn't working. i tried again after manually confirming for months.

  • Rascals eh?

  • gosh that's quite a flood of spam. Is there anyway we can all help? Crowdsourcing the captcha or something?

  • wow.
    Full frontal attack!

  • on a side note...
    i just had this overpowering urge to grab some new uggs and a handbag...
    im happy with my purchases

  • You could consider migrating to a platform like wordpress... in my experience all that cr*p generated by the fake users gets caught in the spam trap(s) / honeypots, etc.
    Much less waste of time + bandwidth IMHO

  • I have had very good results using Mollom, but after a quick search of Vanilla community it doesn't look like there is a plugin available.

    Is migrating to another forum platform a consideration?

  • we have a captcha, vanilla just doesn't work. i'm hoping to get this fixed.