we will be taking pre-orders upon announcement. we're tentatively scheduled to make 100 units initially, but expect to have the capacity to follow up with another edition promptly.

    i've gotten a few questions about the payment system-- google checkout is shutting down. we're switching to a better provider (stripe, via shopify) which supports a very wide range of cards and countries. it should go smoothly.

    but again, this is only an initial announcement. we'll be continuing to post updates and more media regularly.


  • Aleph is the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet.
    Just thought that was interesting.

  • Congratulations and what a tease! Nonetheless, I'm totally excited to explore this "new" realm.

  • ah, not meant to be a tease. just a heads up to the non-forum watchers!

  • @tehn - would really love to be at decibel to witness the first appearance of aleph and to listen to yourself, [edit] ezra, kelli and randy from madrona - unfortunately the altlantic is in the way - a shame - there are some great bands playing too.

    good luck with the launch - eagerly awaiting next thursday.

    had a quick google on shopify & stripe - looks like consumers - that's us - don't set up accounts, like with google checkout...i.e. we just enter our card details when we hit the purchase button - can you confirm?

  • @knecht yes! no accounts. it's much much better than google.

  • thanks tehn :)

  • "expect to have the capacity to follow up with another edition promptly"


    raja i was thinking the same thing when i read that bit

  • @willcarter: "Aleph is the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet."

    I think you mean it's the first letter in the monome alephabet.

  • @tehn "we're tentatively scheduled to make 100 units initially"

    so, does that mean that the units are not actually made?

    and that when we make a purchase, there will follow a (as of yet undefined) wait period for the manufacturing process?

  • yes. this would be a pre-order. ship in late november. the announcement next week is basically confirming that we succeeded in engineering and prototyping this thing, and have the production methods worked out and cost analysis worked out.

  • Thank you for the clarification.

  • ... though, to be perfectly honest, my balloon of excitement got a little bit deflated...

    just a little.

  • might feel better once the video is posted ;)

  • that might very well be the case... :-) :-)

  • Hello aleph! Goodbye money!

  • aleph + kaivo ftw

  • @tehn

    on 26th you will be presenting at decibel from 1pm-3pm. would i be correct in thinking that as soon as your presentation is over you will be posting information and purchase links on the web site, i.e. at 3pm (11pm here in the uk)?

  • Oh come on - Give him some time... the few hours won't hurt you

  • this is getting hilarious

  • certainly didn't intend that to sound impatient - sorry if it came across badly. was simply trying to find out if there would be an eta for the purchase link to avoid disappointment

  • actually i hadnt thought of the need for that kind of math

    i've had the luxury of living in the same timezone as monome hq all this time

  • I would like to know the actual hour as well...
    So that i can spend money on something that doesn't even exist.

  • we are all now on 1 day ba, soon to mark our calendars 1 day aa...

  • yes, that's the idea as of now. we're still patching up the website as it will be the foundation of the presentation. we'll post it live after that. since we'll need to be someone to handle the influx of e-mails.

  • i mean, i hope there's an influx of something... y'all will help spread the word right? for us silly people who don't use social media.

  • @tehn

    Do you guys utilize opengraph tags on this site? It's pretty powerful for users to be able to go to Facebook, past the link: and the Open Graph tags help pull in the appropriate media and description so it appears nice and sexy on the user's "Wall"..

  • @tehn - i'll certainly spread the word - if aleph does what i'm hoping/thinking it does then i can think of several friends who will be interested...i'll attempt to grab one first though :) ...provided i can afford it...i'm thinking it's going to sell out pretty quickly...that's why i'm being such a pain about the exact time the payment links will appear...sorry for that. i'm guessing from the above that what you're saying is that you will be posting the information/links after your decibel presentation (there i go again) we should be alert from then on. good luck tomorrow.

  • i'll spread word discretely

    whether i choose to get one or not..."new monome day" is important for folks to know about

  • i find this thread wonderfully absurd, given that there has yet to be any true details expressed :] the crabtreebuchla mojo is strong!

  • Excitedly awaiting tomorows announcement.

  • it is already tomorrow.

  • make some tunes while waiting

  • I'm hoping this fits in with my setup. I'll be grabbing the aleph, a manta, or the lemur that's been hanging out on eBay. But I have a feeling this will be hanging with my 128, 64, an bliptronome, lol.

  • i'm hoping it will be the main hub for my other toys

    if aleph can also act as a "spoke" contributing its own sound, that'd be a bonus

    really curious about the pricepoint

  • @tehn I, for one, will not tell anyone anything until after I read it. Not a peep.

    Let me explain. You said you are making 100 for the initial run. That is not a large number. If I want one, I will preorder and then shout your announcements from the mountaintops but, until then, mums the word.

  • lol

    so true

    i do the exact same thing with any ltd edition music i find

  • A wave of sadness hits as I realize that this is not, in fact, Friday yet.

  • announcement is today. did i say friday somewhere? i'm totally scattered.

    dbfest panel in a few hours. we'll put up all the web goods probably around 3:30 PST, after the talk etc.

  • YEAH!!!! LET'S DO THIS!!

  • Wish I had an idea on the cost, think I'll deposit a few more funds when I get off just to be safe, lol.

  • now i just need to make sure the alarm clocks are synchronised..image

    550 x 350 - 52K
    550 x 350 - 52K