app : The Party Van

  • the limit of midi learn, as I might have mentioned it before (it was an old discussion between us), is that we're limited to the buttons on the party van window, which don't include all the things on the monome.

    several things are impossible to do:
    - press several buttons on the row 6, page 1, to play several section on a recorded sample in a different order
    - use the page 7

  • That's right. I remember now.

    Yeah the need for that definitely makes more sense. It's just the logistic thing of building something like that.

    What I can try doing is building MIDI CC control of a lot of stuff and have that 'hidden', then you can manually map to them.

    What kind of things do people want to be able to control via MIDI?

    8 slices of the WTPA1 looper? Some page 7 stuff?

    Keeping in mind there's only 127 CC values and a bunch of taken already, can't do everything on page7 (8 x 48 buttons is a lot!)

  • 8 slices on the wtpa could be a really Christmas gift for me! (Maybe in addition if it's not too complicated a line on the party van window where we can simply click for each slice, with that I could use the makey makey very very easily and I need that for the makey makey on my guitar!)

    For the page 7, it's a little need for me. Maybe just the third line because for a lot of synth sound, there is no real difference between several lines

  • I tell you what, I'll add the MIDI triggerable slices to WTPA1 in my next bit of coding (should be easy enough to add). The interface thing, though not terribly complicated to do would be confusing as the waveform windows are not interactive at all at the moment (you can't select playback regions or anything). I wouldn't want to confuse that design element. (otherwise people would be expecting to click on all waveforms)

  • I understand your opinion.

    The idea was a little bit to use the waveform a little bit like the "samplr" app:

    When your "next bit of coding" is planned ?

    And thank you so much for listening our suggestions here :-)

  • That app is definitely cool, but it's cool because you can actually do a ton with the waveform. If MIRA ever gets fancy enough to allow for waveform and manipulations therein, I'll look at that stuff.

    I've been managing a to-do list for programming (among other things), and it's at the top of the programming one at the moment. As to when that is going to happen, don't know...

  • Christmas has come early, give this a spin. (just replace the file in the wtpa folder).

    This is using the beta 1.0

    I don't have an easy way of testing MIDI stuff, but it should take MIDI notes 60-67 (middle C through middle G) and any velocity above 5 should trigger a slice.


    I'll take a look tomorrow morning! Thank you so much !

  • hey rodrigo

    are you considering any shnth implementation for TPV in the future? (or a new max app that can harness monome & squish data?)

  • Hmm, good question. That's pretty esoteric (monome users who use shnths who use max....), but it would be handy.

    Don't know where I'd implement it, but I do want to add more control interface stuff in the future (gamepads, MIRA, etc...)

  • cool, just wondering cause i now have a 64 + shnth rather than the much more common grid+arc pairing

    excited to see what you come up with next
    MIRA functionality would be awesome!

  • Damn, I'm not able to use vmpk to work with your updated wtpa1
    Party doesn't react to key press


  • Is that app not registering key presses when you have the party van up?

  • the key presses are working if the VMPK windows is on the front, but it seems that the MIDI notes are not received by PV. I use LoopBe1 as midi output on VPMK and same thing as input in max/msp but the both doesn't seem to communicate together..

  • Is it sending on MIDI channel one?

    I guess I can remove the channel limitation, but I built that so my drum trigger stuff wouldn't set it off (which defaults to channel 10)

  • Yes it seems to be channel which is more odd..

    Maybe if you build a channel limitation-less just for the others that want to test that and a "drum trigger" version

  • is there any way to pick the channel vmpk sends on?

    I've tried to avoid, whenever possible, merging everything into a single version as it makes it much easier to update the software (not having to bounce out multiple versions of it).

  • "is there any way to pick the channel vmpk sends on?"

    I have no idea, it's incomprehensible, why max and vmpk can't listen each other

  • Do you have a full version of max or the runtime?

  • Good idea. I didn't know that was an option (most boards I go on a mod has to edit the title).

    Hmm, I tried but it gave me an error.

  • I can't get midi learn to work in the latest beta 1.0g

  • Hmm, anyone else? I've not touched that code in ages, so it should be ok.

    Have you tried restarting Max? I've noticed it can act funny sometimes (the MIDI learn)

  • I haven't been able to midi learn since v09, all the beta's have been learnless for me.

  • Oh, that might be a MIDI channel thing. Around that time I moved all MIDI stuff to only work on channel 1 (again, because of my drum trigger clashing with things).

    Can you change the MIDI channel your thing works on?

  • yeah, i can change channels on the nanokontrol. It's sending everything on channel one, no luck though.

  • Peculiar. Has anyone managed to MIDI learn with 1.0 versions?

  • @rodrigo, yep.. I noticed the issue with midi learn post v09 also. I did wonder if it was something to do with how the logidy umi3 communicates with other applications.. ( key mapping would ask be useful to me though I can understand that might be more difficult to combine with midi also.. ) -mash-II has an option to choose one or the other if thats helpful .. just a thought. ) -being able to foot stomp recording for tml and loops 1 / 2 would be great.. -no soft step sadly..

    really looking forward to the shnth app port to page 7 if it's still on the board..

    thanks again for all the revisions and sharing the project.

  • THIS ! -being able to foot stomp recording for tml and loops 1 / 2 would be great.. -no soft step sadly..

    With keymapping, any converted computer keyboard could do that for cheap

  • Ok, I'll look into it.

  • Some not so good news. It looks like hover, the object I'm using for MIDI learn doesn't work inside bpatchers. After v09 I radically restructured the patch, making it worlds tidier. I'll look into MIDI learn to see if there's another way to do it, but the bpatcher step is one that can't be undone.

    Hmm, I'll look at mlrv as that does MIDI learn I'm sure, and it's all bpatchers.

  • Ok, here is the latest/greatest version 1.0i

    MIDI learn should be working again (easier workaround than I thought).
    Dragging samples onto the waveform displays shouldn't randomly change size when you try to play them.
    The MIDI triggering of mlr slices should be there too.
    A bunch more little tweaks that have happened since 1.0g

    Github version coming soonish.

  • wow thanks for the quick update.
    When i turn on midi learn, hover, and make a move, midi assigns file gets created, and when i open the file the info is correct, but the learned parameters don't move.

  • Try (re)placing these files in the folder and see if you can MIDIlearn/control the input/output fx.

  • yes, that works.

  • midi learn now works, but, (i hate to say this) the app crashes when i try to record into the cd modules.

  • What a kick in the balls, lol.

    Is that new with this j version or did g do the same for you?

    It's working for for me on 10.8.5 with Max 6.1.3 on two separate machines (one Core2Duo and one i5).

    You've mentioned it in the past I'm sure, but do you have a particularly old computer? I suspect the crashing has to do with CPU spikes, which I've minimized a bunch.

  • version g never crashed for me, just these two you put out today i, and j.

    Computer's a few years old, but still pretty good, windows 7, quad core 3ghz, 8gigs of ram.

    I still love this app, I mess around with it everyday when i can find a minute.

  • I did change one thing about the loading of a subpatch.

    Try this version.

  • put this file in the j folder, copy and replace?

  • Yeah just replace that.

    It might come down to (as silly as it is) windows preferring this version of the file and Mac preferring the other.

  • Nope, still crashing on me too. I'm going to have to meet with another hardcore programmer to get to the bottom of this. I'm too scared to use tcg on gigs now as I don't want to crash it.

    On a more positive note, for you Shnth owners, I've started the following. I'd want it to be pretty open ended, so I might make it just a dropdown menu to map whatever thing to whatever thing, rather than designing Shnth specific implementations. Maybe do that at some point, but it might be too esoteric a combination!

  • Ooh, working now. Cool.

  • cool, is that making the shnth squish data available for mapping to party van parameters? i have a 128 on the way, really looking forward to trying this

  • Yup. What I've done (for simplicities sake) is that you can map anything on the Shnth (squish, corp, buttons) to anything you can map the current modifiers to in the beta version (ie all the effect stuff).

  • I think i've discovered a bug within the TPV, at least with OS X 10.8.5
    I've been suspecting it for a while now, but just had a chance to test it again.

    A while back i thought i was having a problem with my interface (an apogee duet firewire), I was using TCG a bit, or trying to. Now i realize the problem was when i switched from WPTA to TCG. As soon as i try to play back audio in TCG it kills the audio playback for all of TPV. I think it kills the audio of other monome apps too, but i haven't confirmed that.

    EDIT: Oops! Just read the above posts and put the new TCG patch in, it seems to have fixed it!

  • As in the two separate apps, or TCG inside of TPV?

    oops, just read edit. Good news.