welcome to the new monome.org

  • Congratulations, the new website is spectacular!

    Is everyone's old visit count going to be resurrected at some point?

    Btw, I'm really looking forward to checking out tehn's live set in my hometown of SF on March 8th :^)

  • edit:

  • I would just like to say that the new site is amazing,
    thank you for all that you guys do

  • Nice job ! Love the chicken :)

  • any fix figured out for the email confirmation bug?

  • beautiful!!
    just two short questions here:
    a. can't find the old user list w/ locations. is it anywhere out here or will it return someday?
    b. my account icon is actually linked to a gif stored in my dropbox. I created a gravatar with the same email address I used for my account here. (the username is different but as far as I understood it's the email address that matters!?!) unfortunately my gravatar does not pop up. Is there anything I'm obviously doing wrong or something I'm missing?!

  • Firstly, cheers on the new site design and execution. Very well-done.

    I'm having a slight issue: I used to have a photo above my information that has since been removed by me. Now with an error appearing, I'm not able to remove or edit the url. Any suggestions or am I missing where to access it?

    Same with my avatar, I can't find where to change it. (Sorry if this has been answered. I browsed through the search but didn't see any fixes.)

  • number of unread messages in the post.

  • unfortunately while the files were preserved, the postback links are the only thing that didn't make the transition. if you know vaguely what the file is, or the file name, you can try searching on that. i'll see if i can figure out a better lookup method.

  • well.. i know that these files were supposed to have wiring directions for the BiBo PCB boards, ... so i will wait to get this info recovered before i start rebuilding my arduinome. ... i am not quite eager to resolder after a possible wrong orientation

  • i can't change my forum email address. i type a new one in, press "save," which goes grey..but it's not really saved. not saved at all!

  • this page: http://monome.org/docs/tech:512
    It has a link to the monome 512 page: http://monome.org/512 but it's a broken link, it doesn't take you anywhere. just thought i'd point that out.

  • thanks, fixed.

  • just want to say hello and that I love the site and my monome 64. I am really thrilled and plan to spend more time on getting to know my monome and dipping my toe into this amazing community. Okay, thanks. Mike

  • welcome!

  • "PreZent"....new sight looks great. I'm looking forward to catching up on all the music i have missed the past 7 months.

  • is there a way to switch back to the mobile site from the main site? i keep hitting the link with my fat fingers on my phone and then getting stuck on the non-mobile version.


  • how do I change my Avatar/Icon?
    Sorry if its obvious

  • try your profile page? it might be getting overridden by gravatar also.

  • Looked in My profile page and I see nowhere under any options to change the avatar... Really really odd and a long defunct Gravatar points to a different image.

  • do you not have a "change picture" at the top of the sidebar?

  • No, which suprises the heck out of me... I am using a Mac Safari browser and an IPad and neither show this.

    2048 x 1536 - 214K
  • for verification -- logged in, I don't see change picture in the sidebar either. OSX/Firefox 21.0

  • same here....tried different browsers, OS and Support via Gravatar....unfortunately no success

  • whoa! let me check the perms

  • something is broken with the forum software, it's going to take me awhile...

  • @tehn - yup - watch out for the applications page...! Looks pretty funky and vulnerable in its present state....


  • any places where I can find "official" monome protocols ..?

  • Love the new site!

  • any updates on the email address changing? i'd like to update my email address as well. no luck.

  • just changed some settings, try now?

  • the save button turns gray but the dialog box never closes, nor does the browser show any signs of making a call to anywhere.

    i'll try in a few other browsers.

    p.s. since your posting... the change my picture link is now available.