Connecting A Monome to iPad: Possibility?

  • i'm using a monome 128 and a macbook air 11" in a gig. it's very light already, i know, but it's always better if lighter.

    so i'm wondering, is it possible to use a monome with an iPad?

    if it's possible to port / convert the monome applications based on max to ios apps, then it should be possible? but i'm not an expert in this area so i don't know if there's anything that holds it impossible for now.

  • Simple answer nope... no serialosc driver for iOS.

  • Would it be possible to implement the driver within an iOS app?

  • It's technically possible to write a driver which communicates with the monome using compatible protocols. Porting serialOSC would be the wrong way to go about it, but the hardware support built into Aleph is likely much cleaner.

    However, you'd have to go through the rather expensive process of becoming an authorized hardware vendor through Apple before they'd allow any apps in their store to communicate with the monome. Which, if you're not Brian, is an action you should veer sharply away from. And if you *are* Brian, it's not a great investment for any number of reasons. I don't see that one happening.

    Meanwhile, if the original app developers aren't involved in the iOS ports, selling a version of their work on the app store is highly unethical. So, there's that as well.

    At this point, I'd say the Launchpad Mini is your grid for the iPad. It's not as nice as a real monome, but your iPad's not as nice as a real computer.

  • thanks for the replies.

    fortunately, while i'm not brain, i'm more "not a programmer" at all. so i would just throw away that idea and be fine with what i have now.

    i've tried other similar devices, but they are not monome either.

    the new Aleph, however, looks like a great alternative - or a great device all by itself. if it can run mlrv and grainstorm i'll certainly get one just for this purpose.

  • it'll do neither of those things exactly. but someone might well create similar programs.

  • @greaterthanzero ah i see, so the monome itself would need to be in the program. hmm it's a shame because i think it would make for some really interesting new apps pairing up the monome with a touchscreen.

  • monome + touchscreen are fully doable.

    monome + touchscreen without a Mac or PC sitting next to them? that's harder.

    * * * * *

    EDIT / off topic rant:

    we're using "touchscreen" and "iPad" interchangeably. That's a mistake.

    Yes, you can route multitouch data from your iPad to your laptop via MIDI or OSC. But there are also touchscreens out there you can plug directly into your laptop, with less hassle and considerably less latency. Really, that's better.

    You should be able to upgrade the processor in your setup without having to replace a perfectly good multitouch screen. And it's crazy to let the screen dictate your choice of OS; you should be able to run any software you want on it.

    ...and when someone comes up with a new touchscreen with features you care about

    ...buying that thing for those features shouldn't mean starting over.

    * * * * *

    Okay, done now.

  • @karokaze

    I was under the impression you can put an SD card in the aleph...

  • You can. But loading sounds off of that card isn't instantaneous, and the sum total of everything loaded at any given moment needs to fit within 64 megs of RAM anyway. Ezra said our apps could theoretically stream files in as a background process without disrupting their normal operation, but that there's no code samples yet which accomplish that. Until we see a proof-of-concept on that one, it's safer to just go with "this is a synth, not a sampler."

  • Mine's catchier. But less accurate.

  • any of y'all checking out the kaivo action? i bet that would be a sweet paradigm for a sample based granular synth in aleph.