Uh... different things happening in electronic music (or some generalized subject-heading like that)

  • FIRST! Worst thing i've seen in recent days, proof positive that rules of counterpoint sound pretty uninspiring(or at the very least, only sound good from a subjective perspective), when taken outside of their original Catholic-church context:

    SECOND! Best thing i've seen in recent days. If i could afford more analog hardware, i'd be a complete yuppie! Just kidding, no but seriously, if i could afford more analog hardware i'd buy just 2 things, a Prophet '08, and a Buchla Music Easel:
    (there is that famous piece by Alessandro Cortini... on a sidenote, it is actually funny how he performs it live, but it always sounds the same to me whenever he plays it... which is weird for a live analog-hardware performance, but still! the sounds were frickin beautiful:

    after hearing that long ago, i've been a big fan of the easel, without ever having played one D':)

    (i don't care so much about the other two but the spectral one is pretty brilliant. i'm not sure how i feel about paying $39 for a max for live device... i'd rather buy maurizio giri's educational books on max development, but this is a new age, where the american dream of being an overnight success without any effort, creativity, or learning is becoming more and more the only reality available... so, as they say, 'when in Vegas...')

  • the "well sequenced synthesizer" ...... yeah .... right.

    the prophet 08 + easel would be LKDFOIdaklj<(O.!!!O)>>>....DADJA:DJA23rwkjhAD:AJ !!!
    for my preferences i'd go with the tempest over the prophet 08.

  • but that's it! just Prophet, Easel, Ms-20, and that's ALL i need! oh, and maybe also an aleph. But that's ALL! Just this Prophet, this Easel, the MS-20, and an aleph... and this chair! and that's ALL i need! and my dog *dog growls angrily* ...i guess i don't need my dog. Just the Prophet, Easel, Ms-20, and an aleph, and this chair, and my monome greyscales... and that's IT! and i guess i'll need my laptop and my audio interface, but that's ALL i need! Just the Prophet, Easel, MS-20, Aleph, this chair, and my monome greyscales, ...oh! and SuperCollider! And That's ALL I need! I guess i could use this book to prop myself up on the chair. but that's ALL!......

  • the tempest IS a polyphonic synthesizer with dynamic (analog) voice stealing. via midi, it's possible to sequence polyphonic chords with the analog (digitally controlled) oscillators. that coupled with it's percussive modeling / synthesis capabilities make it, imo, more attractive then the prophet 08, especially with similar prices for the 2 in used markets. i'd say about 80% of the core features are accessible from the front panel without menu navigation. it could be better. the midi in/out implementation could be better. over at the DSI forums there's a lot of user aggression towards Pym (tempest OS dev) , but i mean , damn... the thing does so much, it's ambitious, and i think they've done a good job and have offered so much functionality. a lot of users are upset that they continue to release instruments (prophet 12, some new mopho-thangy) without 'finishing' the tempest and not communicating more about explanations/plans, but i think it's more neurosis-speak then an "unfinished" instrument, and Pym is active on the forums about what he's up to. it's hard for any 'instrument' to do 'everything' and the tempest does a lot with practice, like many synths.

    korg ms-20... ahh.. a special place in my heart for the korg ms-20. my good friend is fortunate enough to own one and it's fricken 'raw' ---- none of that digital controlled-ness going on. so it breathes from burst to burst, well, at least more when compared tempest vco's.

    and there's the 303. i wouldn't purchase one since nostalgia has set the price astronomically high and there are around 10k of them. the unit shipped with a power supply that was slightly underpowered for the boards specs, which added to that warbly sound quality...a beautiful example of how 'imperfection' brings the character.

  • "That's All I Need!" clip ---- rofl wtf am I watching!!!! awesome......

  • "interesting, i will take your word for it then: Tempest over Prophet '08 it is! :D"

    at that price level one should definitely try em both out. you may find the prophet 08 a more pleasant experience! gotta experiment!

    ""there's the 303"
    meh. trance and acid-trance has killed my appreciation of the 303. anytime i hear a 303 sound, i turn the music off :p"

    i can understand that. i like the way the individual parts (envelope, filter, amplifier, oscillator, slide) interact as a system. as a sequencer it's painful...

  • I really like those counterpoint boxes. there's an uncanny valley aspect to it that really appeals.

    like those really intricate 19th century wind up dioramas.

    maybe that's the thing that makes these sound so strange - the mechanical-ness of it.

  • ha well I don't have any idea of counterpoint beyond knowing what it is more or less.

    I can hear that eurocentric colonial vibe though.

    just the kind of thing you'd imagine court robots prancing around to, clicking their relays in appreciation.

  • mabye this my ignorance talking
    or a gross oversimplification of the concept

    doesnt some form of "counterpoint" exist in african and asian music traditions? or are call-response and other methods of interlock a completely different thing?

  • "proof positive that rules of counterpoint sound pretty uninspiring(or at the very least, only sound good from a subjective perspective), when taken outside of their original Catholic-church context:"

    The reason this sounds bad is not because the "rules of counterpoint" sound bad out of the context of a church and organ, it's because this is a bastardization of the so-called rules. There are not many hard and fast rules of counterpoint, that's why it's commonly referred to as the "art" of counterpoint. Once you get beyond the very basics, all the absolutes go out the window, which is why making a computer follow all the hard rules will sound like shit, because it's doing it wrong. Not to mention the lack of dynamics, and the overall crappy timbre.

    Skilled application of counterpoint studies can make anything, literally any sound you could call "music" sound better.

    Edit- looks like others got here first!

  • As an ole man I am far from "jiggy with it." Living in Australia also means we dont get much of a wift of the newest counter cultural music movements till they are formularised and stale.

    So post dub step, Electro swing, glitch era's, what seems to be interesting at the moment in the place's around the world where new is celebrated then quickly discarded as "so last week"

    A few interviews with young muso's Ive heard recently, some common threads are "afro beat" and "poly rhythms"

    So I now that I am generalising. However what is the new "cool" what is "happening" "now" or what is the "next big thing?" Or what is the new "underground" or pushing the boundaries.

    Forgive my "agriculturalism" We only got tricity here last year.

  • we milk goats and pick apples between building monomes, all fans of agriculture here.

    also i'm pretty fixated with 70's minimalist composers and ancient sacred music. i'm all for whatever inspires you in the moment. ie. photek.

  • i gave up

    the more you dig the more you realize:

    * you're years behind a lot of great stuff that happened
    * you're missing stuff thats happening right now...because its happening somewhere else
    * and sometimes what's new & jiggy actually sucks (in your opinion)

    the internet has made this both better and worse

    its better to make the new waves yourself

  • Thanks for your thoughts nomers.

    So dont under estimate my own jiggyness, dont worry about fickle audiences, except you will miss stuff and just go your own thing, pick and milk.

    Sound advice.

    I will check photek and am farming threads for other sources of interesting new music.

    Keep on Pushin.

    Oh and Milken.