MCRP XV - In Memoriam VGAForest Edition

  • Sorry about the password, raj, My bad.

  • hello !

    @karaokaze : i've sent you a link to my contribution.
    this is a 16/44.1 aif. let me know if you need another file format.
    (i can't wait to hear the whole album). thank you for making the silver and kerosene track available. and thank you for putting all this together. i feel happy and proud to be a part of this project :)

    i liked a lot the low-fi moments in vgaforest music.

    i remember the last mcrp, when someone asked about the working process. i attached a pdf file that documents it. (i can't upload a text file...?...)


  • Hi everyone, I'm still on this, but may be held up a bit as I have a group exhibition to get organised for for the end of the month so will be super-busy in the darkroom (yes, good old fashioned analogue printing of photos from negatives) - for those kids here who never knew anything but a digital camera, google 'film photography' it's a trip! *actually breathing in fixer fumes is a trip, (but probably not very good for you) Anyhow, should have mine done in the first week of Nov. When was the deadline again?

  • i like your art work. although i'm not too found of the monome shadow, i like colors and textures, and his presence. kind of holographic. it makes me think about 'contact' (when jodie foster meets her father).
    anyway… i would prefer that we focus on what we like and what we want to share as a tribute to his music.

  • Geez I should get back on this. I started my track but never liked it. There is still time though. I know I've been bad at keeping up with anything monome these days, but lokey reminded me if there was anything I should contribute to it ought to be this, given that I lived in the same city and knew Michael after all.

  • my 'i would prefer that we focus on what we like and what we want to share as a tribute to his music' was referring to your 'i don't really know what he'd have liked/wanted...'. please excuse me, as i should have been more precise. :)
    i can't wait to see your version without the monome. (i think your idea with the picture is adequate.)
    and i really like to know others opinions... if they have one... (curiosity)

  • sounds good dude. take silence for tacit agreement :] ill have a track done by the end of month!

  • good choices :)
    (i really hope we end up with enough tracks...)

  • can i get a 'hell yeah!'?

  • "I said 'Heck Yes!'"

  • hey hey, so im pretty happy with my track as it sounds, but i want to go in and tweak a couple drum hits; im running out to do the halloween danceabout tonight, so ill give it one last pass tomorrow and get it into you, if you can hold off going live on the mcrp site til tomorrow eve? cheers!

  • wow, beautiful raj. really, it makes my track feel so forced and boring by comparison. really really enjoyed that.

    cmon guys where's the tracks??? :)

  • thanks for getting this together raj!

    for my track, i wound up using the recording i made of vgaforests performance for the monome tour, at the Artery in edmonton. it was the only time we met, so i thought it really needed to be the piece i reinterpretted. the words in my track came from his opening comments :]

    looking forward to hearing everything!

    ps, ill try and get in touch with the fellow who put up mcrpxiv, he promised months back he'd move the album over to the mcrp site :[

  • really great stuff so far, i love the flow the tracks!! love the sounds and chords in yours beo. awesome sound collage lokey, as always, love the piano tinklings scattered about.

  • managed to touch base with monkeymoda re: getting mcrp 14 up on the main site, he says he's on it :]

  • thanks for the kind word, all :]

  • i've just listened to your traks. it's great work. i like the density of raja's track, the sharpness of phortran's, the complexity of lockey's.
    and the picture looks good on the bandcamp.
    thank you for the kind words, it's warming :)
    i can't wait to hear more !
    (good to hear for the mcrp 14)

  • Thank you for organizing this and for being so patient Raja!!
    Brilliant tracks, great artwork and the gs64 live remix video is really beautiful!!
    You guys are awesome.
    i apologize for responding so late here.....unfortunately a reality check and constant overload at work made me struggle for some weeks now....
    I'll send raja a link to my track now, and can't wait to hear more stuff.

  • Sorry for the delay people, working on my contribution NOW. Please giive me 24/24 or so to polish the edges...

  • Thanks raj!
    Go Artpunk Go!
    Looking forward to your contribution!!

  • same here it might take me to the 7th hope i'm not cocking everything up.

  • that video is completely entrancing raja

  • Hi guys, almost there...that "or so" in the 24/24 "or so" I mentioned will bring me right down to the wire. I thought I would have time to complete my track today but had to do some "other" (read much less enjoyable, but still necessary) work today instead. It's nearly 19:30hrs my time on the 6th (Mum's birthday, Happy Birthday Mum!) so I hope to have something by the afternoon tomorrow. Thanks to you all for your patience. I have really felt privileged working with Michael's music, I really have fallen in love with his unique style.
    Also - congratulations to kineticmonkey! (Reminds me I have to post hime a few things)
    - Raja - sorry to hear about your lower back problem, I really CAN emphasise as I have "old nurses back" and get incapacitating pain in my lower back from time to time (thankfully if I am careful, not too often) - so further to that, on the subject of stress etc... this is a family that I have grown to know and love and families can always forgive each other getting antsy from time to time! ...oh and your video really is very cool.

  • yeah, how ironic. i voted for the shorter deadline and now i'm unable to finish my track and don't even have the time for a proper listen of what you guys made so far. i guess no excuses will do, anyway, but i just don't feel like contributing raw (read, crappy) material to the in memoriam VGAforest release, sorry.

  • Just sent you a message with a link to the track Raja. I hope it's not too long and/or boring... thanks for including me in this beautiful, poigniant project. I only hope my track does Michael's memory justice.