aleph production update

  • hello! we're happy to report swift progress and our manufacturers seem to currently be on schedule.

    given all goes optimally we will be shipping the second week of december. we'd really like to get a batch out on that monday, the 9th. actually, that estimate allows for some minor not-optimal events, which are inevitable, but always varying in severity. of course we'll do the best we can!

    and we'll be documenting the assembly adventure as it happens.

    and we're also trying to plan the grid-arc future, as we're quickly running out of stock. that said, we have built and ready-to-ship 256, arc2, and arc4!

  • also! ezra is here upstate and we've been on a blurry programming binge. next monday trent and i will put together some early bees glimpses, with the aleph being discovered in realtime, etc.

  • woa...manufacturers on schedule!? :)

    Exciting news!

  • thanks for the update

  • great news!

  • oooooooooowwwwwaahhhhhh!!!!


  • I ordered a Form 1 3D printer almost a year ago and still waiting. You'll likely beat them to my house. You guys are the best for actually being on time with this sort of stuff.

  • need any extra developers? (^_-)

  • quite frankly, yes!

  • Any chance the docs are ready? I'd love to start reading now and hit the ground running.

  • excellent news!

  • @tehn: I'm super interested in helping out. Let me know how to move forward and if there's anything I can do. So stoked for this!!

  • any news?

    sorry to be impatient but i'm dying for an update :)

    (even if theres been setbacks)

  • buried in code between orchestrating multiple manufacturers! getting read to solder and screw together tons of stuff with trent. bees video and doc slightly postponed, many apologies!

    @flyingoctopus: e-mail

  • awesome

    thats what i figured

    carry on...