Monome TV Enclosure + free NYC Show (Warper Party)

  • Hi All,
    I am doing a set at this month's Warper Party at The Delancey in NYC. I'll be sequencing my Sub Phatty with an electribe as opposed to my monome this time around, but I still wanted to incorporate vu_band as reactive visuals for the synth.

    I had an old Sentinel portable television that was not getting restored any time soon, so I decided to gut it and build it into a monome enclosure for live performance visuals when not being used as an instrument. Simple morning project (gutting, cleaning and building in a support mechanism), but I was pretty happy with the end product. Looks a bit 50's science fiction.

    If anyone is local, come on out tomorrow night. It's always a pretty diverse showcase of electronic music and a great gateway for performing in NYC.

    Event Page:

    Set Teaser Video:

  • That's brilliant!

  • Thanks @karaokaze -- I was pretty happy with it myself. Probably a bit of overkill but it certainly worked in a pinch.

  • really nice idea!

  • New clip of the Moog Sub Phatty x Monome Sentinel