aleph production update, november 21

  • hello friends.

    despite my allowances for minor setbacks, i'm now looking at problematic delays from not one but two of our suppliers-- as a result i suspect we may need an extra week given we can't even begin assembly until these parts arrive. i apologize for this situation-- i honestly thought i kept my unrealistic optimism at bay this time.

    december 16 (monday) is the new ship date.

    on a more positive note we've enlisted a few more developers, and the skeleton and inner-workings of the software are feeling strong and robust!

  • thanks for the update @tehn !!

  • yeah, thanks for the update. feeling very excited! the time is almost here!

  • Keep chugging! it will happen!

  • let's hope! last week didn't go so well. but everything is so close that i'm still optimistic. we're approaching american holiday season, and it becomes incredibly difficult to wrangle manufacturers between mid-november and early january-- people taking vacations constantly etc.

    some videos are in order once i get delivery of this final circuit!