Control Voltage Hub: Future Aleph App Idea

  • Started working on a Control Voltage Modulation hub concept. It is my intent to implement this on the Aleph/Grid/Arc. For now it's working within Ableton Live as maxforlive devices (Using BEAP abstractions) that send CV directly out of a MOTU Ultralite. Here's an example controlling my Makenoise modules.

    Rows 1 & 2 == 2 Channels of CV pulse w/ divisions - Synced to Live's transport
    Rows 3 & 4 == 2 Channels of CV LFO w/ rate control - Synced to Live's transport
    Rows 5 & 6 == 2 Rows w/ waveform switching of above LFO's
    Rows 7 & 8 == not sure yet

    I can see adding LED feedback stuff next.

    P.S. This is also experimentation for creating PiP videos so please excuse the slightly out of synced'ness. At one point in the video I enable a kick drum track but that didn't come through in the screen recording audio -- sound is 100% modular synth)

  • awesome work

  • I would definitely use this aleph app with my modular !
    Maybe a mixing parameter between 2 LFO waveforms would be nice. And why not rhythm patterns for the clocks ?

  • really great!

  • Thanks! I'm Currently working on quantized pattern recorders. That's gonna be FUN when its working.