droms !

  • in the spirit of open sorcery...

    droms !


    ro + drums = droms !
    //droms = breaks from records + roops (ro drom loops)

    droms + a monome(*mlr) + u = mip mop

    mip mop = monome + (hip hop)^ish

    monome peeps make mip mop beets !

    share = care

    if you make something awesome lemme know !

    > > > >

  • awesome, downloading now. thanks for sharing!

  • i love you.

  • ro with the nasty nasty...
    DLin now!
    thanks for the come through!
    chicago style...

  • thank you sir, may i have another?

  • this is fantastic >> i'll try and pull something from here out at a gig this thursday >> audio to come

    open source + open love!

  • ||||

  • yea...
    so i definitely just dropped one of these loops inna track
    ill let you know what one...as im not shure right now...
    but ill be dropping this atta show this week!
    badda bing!
    thanks man

  • nice. this inspired me to get to work. two tracks done so far..

    droms + records... i need more basslines though

  • hey ro! thanks! these are some killer droms! i'll make something with these for sure!

  • sweet droms! thanks ro. i also went to your website and am checking out your album and ep now. i really really like what i hear! thanks again.

  • this was the second track from last night.. i'm apprehensive to share the first one.. it's got some nice parts, but some crappy ones too.

    also sampled: charlie mingus, big black, slint.


  • thanks ro! really nice stuff!

  • @soundcyst:

    cool stuff. pretty impressive live scratching. i hate to admit but im a nerd so i record my scratching then cut and line it up afterwards. i guess you can call it "architect scratching".

    glad to hear people are enjoying the boom boom bips

  • by the way::::

    RIP Baatin, of slum village, who was a great inspiration for many a rhythm and rhyme.

  • hehe. to be fair, i recorded and lined up the bassline.. the other track i recorded was with live scratching on the bass too, and, well.. meh. the other samples i used on the first one were pretty cool, but without the bass, it just doesn't hold up.

    re:sv, damn man... rip indeed.

  • very nice. thanks ro. time to play :)

  • soundcyst!

    dope track man!
    really good ish!

  • thanks for the dromaghe!

  • sounds great, but link is broken?

  • hmm, works for me. right click -> save as?

  • for me, think is dead. im on a mac, either safari or firefox. perhapss it's the minus sign in the url?

  • @brucewayne

    they work for me, i’ll mail em to you

  • starnge thing.. anyways. thanks + greets, robb!

  • hey.
    some time ago i used your droms in a track. thought perhaps you'd be interested to hear it:


    thanks again!

  • just downloading now. late to the party.

  • ah, i forgot about this. cool track josh!

  • Great sounds! Thank you

    I'll try do something with this I'll let you know

  • yea, nice an nasty. will devour these.

  • Thanks man! I'll download the pack asap

  • thanx ill put it to good use

  • cool tracks man

    I need to record some of my old vinyls now!

  • I'll take that.

  • jredDroms!!!!


    Check it out. I played with break 2 and 3 for this 'track.' It was a nice way to end my day. Turned out kinda creepy. I'm into that occasionally.
    Thanks for posting these!


  • i thank you. my family thank you.

  • Sick!, good looks meng. I had a real long session with these today. Once i get something recorded i will post it up.

  • nice to see this topic revived.

    some people will remember this, but it might be new to others: http://vimeo.com/6009363

  • thankx for the drum pack. i used one of the samples here:


  • Used with this track

    Credit given, creative common'd


  • Thanks again for the drums and it was nice to meet you at the monomeet yesturday

    Made this while back


  • anyone still has this pack? the link is not working anymore. i would love to use it.

  • These loops and this thread lives on!
    (*monome used to control delay matrix param control + make noise modular)


  • Damn!!!!
    Hella derty hoss!
    Love them droms