tilt to midi serielosc??

  • hi all

    been trying to get tilt to midi (using tilty magee) into ableton while running mark eats sequence at the same time. really want to be able to send tilt data as well as sequence. cant seem to find any app that converts tilt to midi/cc that is not running monomeseriel... are there any?
    seems like a simple thing to be able to do. im no pro at maxmsp but if someone has a workaround that would be grand!! spent a good 6 hours trying all the different ways i could think of getting it to work.....! learnt alot! but now im total stuck!!

    thought monomebridge would be the one but for some reason my monome(64) dosent show up? same in a few other max apps?

    any help would be much appreciated



  • hey i made something in pages to do this.. it's a groovy page called ArcCC. it can also record and playback your movements, pretty fun!!


    if you're interested i can give you more info on how to try it out.

    edit: pauk is demonstrating it in this video

  • also it looks like the reason monomebridge isn't working is that you're missing the serialosc.maxpat in your max folder.

    see point 4: http://monome.org/docs/setup:mac

  • @jhindsight
    hi ! It doesn't work for me with a walnut 64.
    i can't see the tilt setup button (max 6.1.3) to calibrate the accelerometer. Monome connect fine but no tilt.


  • just ignore it mate (in fact i'll take it down). i was trying to understand the tilt protocol by fiddling with tiltymagee and it seemed to work for me (although i stripped out the calibration section because i couldn't get it to work).

  • I implemented tilt in maxforlive that you can map to any other parameter in live. It's inside the monosequencer patch found here:


  • thanks for all the ideas!! will see if i can get it going!!


  • tried all of these ideas.... still no joy. just need a really simple tilt to midi that i can run along side mark eats sequence that wont interfere in any way. wish o had the brains and time to really get into maxmsp and create one!!!

    @ phortran

    i would like to give the pages thing a go but it confuses me alittle. any info on how to go about entering that code and getting it to work would be grand!!

    cheers again!!

  • i've never used a groovy page before. So, you create a page, load the script, and then what?

  • never mind, i think i've got it figured out

  • hey guys, yep create a groovy page, hit the load button, pick the script, and then click run. there's a log window if any errors happen but otherwise that's about all there is to it!

  • how do you record movements on the arc?
    also, i'm confused about tilt, is that built into one of these groovy pages?

  • recording is done by pushing in the encoder.. i'm realizing this probably isn't compatible for a lot of people. what would be ideal? a midi message would be easy.

    tilt can be used but there isn't an example script for it. basically if you define the tilt function:

    void tilt (int n, int x, int y, int z) {

    you can receive tilt messages. n = adc #, x/y/z are the values coming in. i forget exactly how the tilt data comes in right now but you can do a log message to see it:

    log("n = " + n + ", x = " + x + ", y = " + y)

    then you can use the data to do something like send a midi cc message out:

    ccOut(ccNum, value, midiChannel)
    ccOut(30, y*10, 0)

    or send a midi not:

    noteOut(noteNum, velocity, midiChannel, midiOn)
    noteOut(x, 127, 0, 1);
    noteOut(x, 0, 0, 0);

  • I've been talking about revisiting tilty for a while now. Truth is tilty was a really gross hack. It could be re-implmented in serialosc by making a special version of the serialosc subpatch...

    I have a big list of project catch up to do while i'm off school for the next 3 weeks.. maybe I'll find time to hack on this for an afternoon... it should actually be somewhat simple to do with serialosnoopy...

  • @thealphanerd

    PLEASE give it a good. would be amazing!!!


  • i threw this together last night. let me know what you think


  • Yeah, I have a newer arc without the press feature. Unfortunately I've never done any Java programming.

  • I'm still fairly green at writing Max Patches, but I modified galapoose's angles and put it with the standard MIDI app for my 128. I took out the Z-axis data stream - I'm not even sure where that comes from. Button 14 5 turns on Y, Button 14 6 turns on X.

    I changed the scaling to work better with my monome, but now I seem to have it a full range. You can modify yours to match your tilt (inside the x and y subpatches there is a subpatch called scale - watch the number box to find your peak and trough limits for each axis).

  • @jessemiller

    that works great on my 64 with max5 but could you (or someone v.kind) delete the pad to midi bits of the max patch so i can use it in conjunction with mark eats sequencer? i have tried to do it myself but have no idea how to delete the right bits and leave the parts needed to keep the tilt working!!!

    if someone could PLEASE give this a go, as it would completely sort me out. its exactly what i need to start getting crazy!!!!


  • here's an updated version of my patch that should have more appropriate scaling values for older tilt sensors. also has a nice led response to show current tilt ball sensor location.

    edit: just realised the led response would be totally annoying if you were running another patch for the buttons/lights, so updated the patch to have a switch for leds on/off

  • @thekid you want just the tilt part and none of the midi buttons?

  • @jessemiller

    Yeah, thats what im after!! One other problem im having is how to run two serielosc apps (your midi tilt 128 and mark eats sequencer) at the same time. is this possible? want to avoid using pages if possible because it confuses me and I've read all the walkthroughs and watched videos but can get my head round it. is this not as simple as i think....?

    thanks again for all the info, work and help everyone has put in! feel close to getting this shit vibeing!!


  • ah -- this is indeed a difficult problem with no clear solution i'm aware of. the model of serialosc is one-app to one-device.

    i've been working on a number of 'router' type apps that let you sidestep these limitations, and will add the 'angles' patch above as a sort of 'global' always-on patch that works regardless of what patch you've got engaged.

    @jessemiller could you try the above 'angles2' that i posted. it works well with my greyscale, and newer 2012 grid, so want to make sure the scaling works well for you too? i think i set the scaling values to match your patch so let me know if it works for you?

  • @galapagoose

    thanks for the info!!

    let me know if you do make a router app as it would really sort me out!!

    edit: just found your new router: smallbatch - beta testers required thread! will keep up with it!!