• i love this idea



  • @ gli

    really cool. thanks for this!!

  • Yes, very cool. I may just have to submit something myself :)

  • yeah
    it seems like they'll expand the scope of the platform in the future

    curious...what gear do you use? @emergencyofstate

  • @gli
    Ah i see. I just read a little closer and see they are not currently accepting submissions.
    At the moment, I've been experimenting with software tools like Splash Labs and maxforlive patches (RokVid, V-Modules, Vizzable) to generate visuals and effect existing footage.

    Especially with Aleph on the way, I'd love to get a LZX modular rig. That seems like it would be a pretty powerful visuals generator combo.

  • nice

    i've been soaking in as much as i can about software, the lzx world, and other options

    ...currently having alot of fun with various gieskes stuff

    based on my experiments, aleph will play very nicely with the oscillatoscope series