aleph update, december 30

  • hello friends, the new year is upon us.

    the last month has been a most unexpected whirlwind of problem solving amidst assembly. once some manufacturers did finally deliver exceedingly behind schedule, we were greeted with several mistakes which took a good amount of time to discover before we could even begin the secondary repair assembly (replacing a bunch of surface mount components.) but we're pushing forward and do indeed expect to be shipping one week from today-- that'd be january 6.

    unbelievably we still haven't received back some enclosure parts-- we're short a couple dozen from being able to ship all orders. there's a meeting scheduled with this vendor to figure out what's going on, so i'll post updates here.

    lastly-- a lot of time has been sunk into negotiating this crazy build which we planned on dedicating to making video and writing new applications. i apologize for the lack of exciting new media and documentation-- very soon we'll be opening up the codebase and also be able to shift back onto making the aleph do new things. but i suppose you all knew that, given the open-ended nature of this device. the longer it's out, the more interesting things will get. we're anxious to get started. thank you for your patience.


    ps. tentative aleph live performance and talks scheduled for february in nyc, sf, la.

  • Everyday feels closer, knowing that's as it should is welcome news :)

  • YES

    it must be frustrating for ya'll to repair

    cant wait to hear the dates for those shows!

  • excitation~~~~~~

  • Yep thanks for the update. I just appreciate the honesty.
    I've seen the opposite where recently, I pre-ordered a vinyl box set with set date of delivery 12.10. Hasn't gotten to my porch yet.... and the label hasn't commented.
    The time just brings excitement. I check this page 2-3 times a day just to see.

  • Must make a point not to move far away from those cities in or before February.

  • any soon-to-be aleph owners who live near those spots?

    it'd be rad to see some footage of the performances/lectures

  • I'm in LA at that time. I will make an effort to be there with reconding device in hand! @tehn are you guys going to NAMM?

    Hapyy New Year all!

  • I'll definitely be bringing my unit to the NAMM Show if I receive by then. I'm not very optimistic when it comes to these things anymore unfortunately. My experience especially lately, has always been to prepare myself for multiple rounds of disappointment :)

  • I just got a NAMM badge today; my first ever. I wasn't planning to have any gear on me. Is that a thing?

    <-- completely ignorant

  • Thanks for the update, Brian. I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on Aleph. And happy new year to all here.

  • @GTZ Nah, its not really a "thing". I work for NAMM, so I'm up there in a hotel room for a week -- so some gear is a necessity :)

  • Nice.

    It's not clear yet, with work deadlines, how much of that week I'll be able to take off. And I live about an hour from the convention center. So, as of this moment, I can't justify a hotel room.

    ...which means that any gear I bring is either weighing down my backpack, or sitting in the car.

  • anyone in the north east?

    i might drive up to new york in feb, or wait for possible future dates that are closer (philly? dc? baltimore?)

  • I live near SF; I don't know if I'd be a good person to video those things, however.

  • i'll be at NAMM. will set something up

  • @zebra: Cool! Aleph101 in Anaheim!!

  • cool to try and hook up

  • Yo I'll see y'all at NAMM!

  • I live in Oakland and will also be at NAMM. @zebra, if you need any help at NAMM just let me know