aleph production update, december 10

  • it is indisputably winter here and we're very busy assembling and programming. our scheduled ship date is quickly approaching and we've been dealing with innumerable delays from our manufacturers. i'm to blame for not allowing enough extra time for the unexpected. i deeply apologize, as i know many have time off quickly approaching, a good time to delve into a new mysterious device.

    the details are complex, but here's the simple version: we just yesterday received one of the two circuit boards from the assembly house, whereupon we solder on the through-hole components ourselves. the second (more complicated) circuit board is yet to be assembled, and my best hope is that it arrives here by friday-- whereupon we continue soldering components. both these are a full month late. we've been working with this assembly house since the start of monome and haven't dealt with such extreme delays up until now.

    furthermore, we ended up rejecting the majority of parts produced by our metal vendor-- the aleph enclosures were very poorly finished-- we only have parts for 25 units currently. the company has promised to produce the rest by the end of the month, though i've been pressuring them for better delivery times. lastly, i just learned that our molded knobs are going be late, likely delivered some time next week.

    my goal is to start shipping as soon as we have fully assembled units. at this point i'm having a very difficult time projecting precisely when that will be-- prior promises have fallen through, so in turn i've failed to meet my estimated ship dates. so, aleph units may start to trickle out perhaps as early as late next week, though later orders will ship the first week of january. we have enough enclosure parts to accommodate orders placed on opening day.

    the upside, if you can call it that, is that we'll continue working on the codebase, which means the aleph will have more functionality when it arrives. i hope to post documentation and a short tutorial video next week.

    i want to thank you all for your continued support-- we wouldn't be able to create experimental machines like the aleph without your pre-ordering faith and belief in our work and methods. we're grateful for the opportunity and are anxiously looking forward to sharing the results.


  • Can't wait!

    Take the time to do it right. <- should be a monome slogan.

  • Thanks for the update, Brian. Taking the time do it right is, I think, the most important thing and one of the reasons I pre-ordered was my belief that Brian and Ezra (and anyone else they involved) would not compromise on delivering a quality product. Thanks for acknowledging that, Brian. I would also add that, in my experience, it is always the case that anything worth doing throws up some obstacles along the way.

  • What they said.

    Plus, I think the vast majority of us are going to benefit from you coding and documenting some more before we try to accomplish stuff.

  • I very much appreciate the transparent communications and your commitment to quality. I will patiently wait for as long as it takes, so please don't stress on my behalf.

    Good luck!

    p.s. If you feel up to it, put some pictures up of the build process (especially those screwed up enclosures). Vicariously experiencing the ups and downs of the first-run manufacturing would make the wait really enjoyable actually. Of course, if it gets in your way, please feel free to ignore my suggestion. ;-)

  • thanks for the update

    "I very much appreciate the transparent communications and your commitment to quality. I will patiently wait for as long as it takes, so please don't stress on my behalf."

    ^^^ exactly how i feel about the delay

  • i'm trying to keep a few bits of documentation of the build process on the twitter: @monomes

    includes kelli's #HotTips

  • knob tool just finished up, see pic!

    1600 x 1200 - 433K
  • wow those are beautiful! (and expensive looking)

    What's the material used to construct the part of the mold that shapes the top of the knobs?

  • That is some pretty machine work!

  • holy! those machine tools! (*^-^*)

  • So i'm guessing we're looking at delivery in Jan. or Feb? Or should i hold my horses and expect it in the Spring?
    I'm fine with that, just looking for a guesstimate.

    Edit: Nevermind, just read the part about late Jan. delivery...

  • @blungo2 did you get the e-mail notice? i sent out an update to the e-mail addresses provided at order, want to make sure yours is correct.

    we just accepted the delivery of the second circuit. testing and assembling now. lots of soldering to do.

  • if they ship this week the recipients of the first 25 will feel like they got a golden ticket to the chocolate factory

    whoever gets the first one better spill the beans :)

  • @tehn Yes, didn't read it all that closely though...

  • assembly and testing today has been rocky, our assembly house mis-programmed their placement machine and we have to manually change a bunch of surface mount caps and resistors.

    it's coming together.

  • ouch. that doesn't sound like fun at all. ganbare!

  • oh its late January now?! gah. I must've missed an e-mail? I see from Dec 10th mailing:

    "aleph units may start to trickle out perhaps as early as late next week, though later orders will ship the first week of january"

  • we're still on track for first week of january, provided the rest of the parts arrive late next week.

    early shipping tomorrow isn't going to happen unfortunately-- we keep finding parts on the circuit board that are misplaced and we have to manually fix them all.

  • Happy to wait for everything to come together, really excited about Aleph!

    Happy Holidays to everyone!

  • all good

  • Good to get it right.

  • coming' right up

  • (I've recently grown self conscious about semicolons. I think I use more of them than most people)

  • you a programmer, @GreaterThanZero?

  • I am. But, that's an entirely different context. I won't apologize for terminating my commands. =)

    ...but there are so many choices for tying a compound statements together grammatically, I should vary those up.

  • on the other hand, @GreaterThanZero I don't think people actually are good with the semicolon so I would rock what other don't get!

  • Leadership by example, as it were. I like it.

  • today in the studio, feels big. aleph assembly and multiple testing phases underway. (that means weeks of soldering now complete.) brian and trent are waiting for the paint store that's below us to close so that they can blast the house music. see those shelves! they belong to you.


    400 x 368 - 204K
  • Very exciting! Thanks for the update!

  • Run Forrest, run!

  • squeeeeeeee! thanks for the pic and update!

  • House music, Paint fumes, and assembly of intricate electronics. You've a party of the rarest order.

  • nmhj vb nhjbv <--- that's me bashing my head against the keyboard in excitement.

  • @Daedelus. You forgot to add dedication to an adoring fan base. I can't tell if the concept of the Aleph or the attention to detail and strive for perfection in every aspect of the product is more impressive.

  • Is one of those going to Japan?

  • @kotdotnot until your post i didnt think to count them

  • super excited!

  • @gli are there still only a few in the first round? sounds like tomorrow fingers cross, but not everyone will get a shipping notice?

  • @dimi3 not sure man, that could be one of several shelves
    [if my memory serves correctly, more than 50 have sold...]

    counting was more of a random idea than anything

  • 30 left or so.

  • O, the tension.