aleph update and shipping info January 6

  • hello patient friends, just a little update for those waiting. we're on track to begin shipping tomorrow January 7th. we expect to ship the first 35 devices by thursday. we're waiting for the shipment of metal enclosures that had to be re-finished to return. we were told that they'd be here last week so we're hoping for a soon arrival. we have all other parts ready and waiting which will make the assembly process fast. there is still a time consuming testing phase that takes place so the remaining shipments will trickle out over the upcoming week.

    we are no stranger to obstacles. but this production run has been especially tough, kind of like being in a cartoon. anvils, pianos, blizzards, floods, sickness, delayed flights, power outages, jury duty... all with their own hilarious timing (see attached image for the most recent)

    that said we all want these devices in your hands. we want to progress. we want to eat-sleep software development and not hardware production. ezra, who has been stuck in airports debugging software at all sorts of odd hours is working towards a more robust bees.
    trent is amped now that australia has smashed it in the cricket game against england- he's getting much more sleep and is a well oiled (caffeinated) machine- building, documenting, shipping. brian is manning the ship in this great adventure. keeping us all afloat and on task. i hope he ends up moored on some glorious tahitian island after all is said and done. we are all a little crazy. and perhaps overly ambitious.

    so alephs in hands soon! and a little documentation/homework to peruse beforehand is up here:

    xoxo. k.


  • wow

    thanks for all the effort

    (seriously hilarious timing on that duty)

  • heads up that a bunch of pre-emptive UPS labels are getting printed today in various moments of downtime. these won't get dropped off today, we're just getting ready.

  • after being "late" to the party and joining in only in the 40hSE era, i imagine this might be a bit of the feeling back at the start of everything. so grateful and lucky to be here and now!! congratulations!

  • I has a shipping number! Woo!

  • You guys know how to build anticipation. Pretty excited I get one of the hand soldered models. ;P

    Good luck for the home stretch.

  • have my shipping number too - thanks for all the hard work, can't wait to play!

  • iDroool!

  • Excellent news. Kelly, thanks for the write up. You guys are amazing getting this thing out despite the craziness of this build. Can't wait.

  • just ordered more cables so we'll see which parcel gets here first

  • be sure y'all have an sdcard reader-- with how much code we're adding at this late stage i trust we'll be posting new updates very frequently

  • My new mbpro actually has a card reader...Am I dreaming?

  • Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

  • For the Sd card @tehn is there a size or type restriction

  • @emergencyofstate yes the rMBP's card reader is super useful!

    I can't wait to get my hands on my aleph.

  • @emergencyofstate -

  • @jayGillian : ohhhh, well isn't that's clever..

    @tehn/kcain : were units dropped off today with UPS as expected?

  • they're getting picked up tomorrow! what a mess!

  • I'm guessing all the shipping notices have gone out for the current batch?

    Any estimate on when the next batch of Alephs might ship?