aleph shipping update

  • updated feb 9, read bottom of thread.


    it's been a crazy several months, and today continued the trend.

    we are indeed celebrating the first units shipped. by celebrate i mean get a tiny bit of sleep. a hilarious number of problems arose which allowed me to fully pack and drop off only the first 10 shipments. there are about 20 something more fully built and tested, ready to be boxed, taped, and dropped off. this will happen tomorrow. if you haven't received a UPS label yet, i'm sorry to say your order won't ship in this first batch.

    we're also still contending with major supply issues. or, down to one single part-- the top plate. we had to reject over half of the last shipment. the projected date is the end of this month for new parts, though we'll continue to pressure the supplier. this has been incredibly frustrating for all of us, and i appreciate your patience with the delays. we'll keep everyone posted.

    in the meantime until those later units ship, we'll be working on new dsp, new scenes, new tutorials, and documentation. there's so much this little box can do-- it's quite overwhelming. i'm hoping to get a little video together soon that illustrates some fundamentals of bees.

    ok! brave on.


  • So likely mid to end of feb. for shipping them out if all goes well?

  • Thanks for the update.

    How many batches will there be? Do all current preorders left fall under this "2nd batch"?

    What about those placed, say ~November?

  • only two batches. those that shipped, and those that will ship promptly once we received the plates. we basically got out the orders from september. all remaining will go out with the next batch, including any orders placed now until then.

    plate ETA is jan 29, though again i'll pressure them for sooner delivery. it'll then only take three days to have them all shipped out. it's our top priority.

  • mine is supposed to arrive tomorrow so i'm pretty geeked right now

    re-reading the bees ops page to wrap my head around the basics

  • @tehn Ah, very good. I appreciate the enthusiasm given the trouble; definitely capable of waiting.

  • Thanks for the update, looking forward to getting my hands on it!

  • ah, way more documentation on the way. it is scant right now. and more files to be uploaded, demos, etc.

    the aleph ships with a fun little arp synth, but it can do so much more-- we'll be getting it all together quick.

  • @gli - unboxing video!?!?!?!??!

  • lol...if people wanna see :)

    i'd rather post something musical once i actually turn it on @jay_g


  • That cute little github guy keeps telling me this is not that page I am looking for :)

  • cleaning up, getting ready to unlock it. do you program c?

  • its here and its beautiful

    2004 x 2047 - 693K
    2048 x 2048 - 492K
  • why hello.

    we're furiously posting docs now!

  • I just got my shipment received email as I sit here at a camp site at Joshua Tree, hours from home. Oh the humanity!
    @tehn currently learning C. I suppose it's just source code on GitHub then? In other words, we won't need to download and load anything from GitHub to make it "work"?

  • @eos theres no critical files to download [there will be new goodies soon that we will *want* to update/ params and ops]

    but it comes loaded with a working version of this:

    just use the aleph encoders, knobs, & keys OR plug in a grid to control the sound

  • Auugh this wait is rapidly becoming more maddening. *sheds single tear*

  • the longer you wait, the more new files will be uploaded.

    i'm sure @gli is sortof like, what, this is it?

  • "OR plug in a grid to control the sound"

    the idea that i can plug in headphones and, sitting away from a computer, make music with a monome just blows my mind... mine arrives next thursday.

  • first test moments ago @dadek that is exactly what its like

    i turned on aleph but forgot the flash card...rebooted w/ headphones and waves began. changed the parameters till i found a sweet spot and hit the off button. it powered down while saving the scene. rebooted and the exact same sequence came on within 30 seconds. dug up my 64 and plugged that in to mash buttons and immediately heard changes

    no laptop in sight

    this thing is really nuts...gotta eat a quick meal but afterward i'm recording a demo for those eager to hear the beast

  • @gli - thanks so much for sharing this so far!!!!

  • @jay_gilligan more to come :)

    @tehn not at all . it feels great in hand and the design is exceedingly beautiful up close

    more importantly it is easy to actually make music (and "see" the relationship between gestures and their corresponding changes) even without reading the manual

    the well will only deepen and i'm salivating over eventually testing drums with this setup

  • @gli - lines is also up along with waves over on the docs page… don't forget to try that out too!

  • ah good to hear!

    we're trying to figure out how to organize "scene sharing" which is going to be very common here-- once you learn how to patch the aleph it'll be the equivalent of sharing max patches... but probably easier?

    thanks for your patience on the docs. do make brash suggestions and requests, we need help prioritizing because there's so much depth to all of this!

  • first edit steps--

    hit MODE, should be on INPUTS page, ENC0 scroll down to 012.LIST inputs. i0-i7 are the intervals hooked up for the sequencer. ENC3 to change (turn slowly!) 013.LIST is the intervals for the second osc.

    you can of course tweak these sequences while the sequence is running (toggled by KEY0 in play mode).

  • also-- it'd be trivial to patch a sequence editor that ran in the play mode, which would be more musical-workflow-facilitating. lots of options.

  • yeah . i looked at edit briefly but wanted to record something first "as is"

    give folks an idea of the range, straight out of the box

  • hahaha this is sikkkkkk
    best soundtrack to writing tutorials...

  • this sounds really exciting!!! stoked that my aleph will be here on Monday :-) let's see if i can already leverage it for a gig next month. should be great.

  • Monome grids will work out of the box? 8O

    Must remember to bring my 64 into work when it arrives Thursday. Thanks guys. Keep up the awesome work.

  • @gli lephti! i had 2 many tabs open & thought it was the soundtrack to this video game trailer, which was exciting

  • @galapagoose thanks! reading the new tutorial right now

    @95 thats definitely happened to me before [pretty stylish game btw]

  • i program C.

    and i can't wait to get my dirty fingers on the github lore that will unlock the aleph's secrets.

    hopefully, monome coders are not as abhorrent of capital letters in their code as they are in their posts! lol.

  • @kotdotnot
    Yes, let's hope for capitals.

  • Some questions!

    1) There is a docs/aleph sub page called "modules" here -> Here I see 'Waves' and 'Lines'. if I go to their respective pages, I see a lot of information but nothing to download. Should there be something to download here? I assume 'Waves' is what is loaded w/ the newly shipped units, how do a load 'Lines'?

    2) There is another aleph related page here ->

    Is '' also known as "Waves"?? Are bees scenes also considered "modules"? Should be linked from the modules page? I'm a confused person :)

  • that should be a copy of the same scene that shipped on SD card.

    no downloads yet, been working all weekend though and will be posting modules momentarily, this evening?

    github too i hope!

  • a "module" is a DSP program, with associated parameters (like hz, amp, etc)

    the aleph can load one module at a time and do basically arbitrary things with it.

    the program called "bees" is one way of manipulating modules and their parameters but we expect people will develop others.

    in bees:

    a "scene" is a description of the entire running state of the instrument, including all parameter values, routings, presets, operator network, and the name of the associated module. it would be normal, when sharing a scene, to also share the module (.ldr) that you built it with.

    a "preset" in bees is another layer of recallability; there are several presets in a scene (currently only 16 but will probably add); each one stores just param values and routings, for an arbitrary subset of the values/nodes in the scene.

  • sorry its so mysterious right now, we're busily switching gears now that the things are out there, will have much more stuff to read

  • only because we were instructed to go ahead and voice our brash requests and priorities...

    1. i'm dying to see what the bees editor looks like [is it possible to sneak us a screenshot?]
    2. it would be nice if one of the next dsp modules was drum related...on-board synthesis or something to send out triggers to external equipment would be equally fun

  • the editor is in very stages, a series of python scripts. the priorities have been on sound and bees reliability. but soon! we have a few people ready to get onboard, though i suspect others will have their own ideas about the editor, so there may be multiple editors.

    ezra has a great drumsynth that's featured in the first video. it needs to be updated to a new parameter engine that ezra painstakingly redesigned. it's on the list!

    i just played the newest lines, it's truly amazing. you'll be able to make the weirdest and most complex echo machine ever.

  • sweet!

  • @monome crew, Thanks for always being so prompt and helpful. I hope you guys don't mind these questions in the transition (I know you're scrambling).

    I'm dying to check out Lines! Also very eager for something like a bank of 4 LFOs for the Aleph's cv outs. On the CV input side, you could map incoming CV to control the output params. (Speed, waveform, etc)

  • @tehn I can't wait to try out Ezra's drumsynth. My Aleph arrives tomorrow.

  • @tehn

    does aleph ship with the waves and lines modules on the sdcard? i understand that there is one scene, which uses waves...there may be no scene on the card that drives lines, but we could write one ourselves? similarly we could write our own scenes to drive waves? so i'm guessing ezra's drum synth will be using another module which you've not yet described...

  • no you will have to download lines, getting it up ASAP

  • of course today had to be a day of git hell

  • git hell? merge conflicts? those are fun :P

  • @ezra - thanks - really looking forward to lines :)

  • oh much, much nastier than any conflict. corrupted local tree when we lost power during a pull (or something.)

    but i digress.