aleph arrivals?

  • anyone else get their aleph yet? mine's coming here next thursday. @gli posted the first audio sample from his. anyone else out there?

  • mine's coming on weds. fingers are crossed.

  • Mine should be here tomorrow. :-)

  • Supposed to come at my place on wednesday...

  • ooooooo i'm not even getting one and i'm excited for yalll!!!!

  • hopefully wednesday... !!-(x _'x)-!!!

  • thursday...

  • expected wednesday...

  • wednesday...

  • rad

    cant wait for more hands/minds to be working on this project

  • (second batch. that timing works out fine for me, though)

  • there are a few more guys on muffs who dont post over here...

  • muffs ye say? the business of wigglers is fraught with mind bending magics and contraptions! what good is it to our kind here? folks from those parts sure seem queer. have you peaked at their avatars? how bizarre.

  • mine's set to arrive tomorrow but i fear i'll be at work... must find some way around this

  • I received mine Friday afternoon while I was out of town. I swung by work on the way home to grab my package and have JUST opened it up.

    What a beautiful, rock solid, piece.

    It is now time to fire this puppy up.

  • am waiting for UPS to drop by with the package anytime now, its monday morning where iam. Been up the whole night and didnt want to sleep yet, just in case i will miss the delivery, excited!

  • @noha i thought mine would arrive the one day i have off. when i saw the arrival date was a workday, i just asked ups to deliver it at work way i was gonna risk a monday delivery if there was a way around it :)

    @si cool! @emergencyofstate i felt *exactly* the same way

    anytime i order a monome: first, i'm surprised by how small it is.
    then i cant stop myself from being in awe of the craftmanship (especially the underbellies which are rarely shown in promo shots)

  • @raja just a few basic maneuvers

    aleph > apogee one > daw

  • question for @tehn

    how do we check the serial number? just plugged mine into my laptop via usb and didnt really see anything noteworthy

  • UPS came by and i got the package. 4 beautiful postcards of the oyster farm picture from aleph page inside the pack as well.

    first encounter, powering up and hearing the drone/arp oscillator, plug in a gs128 grid and riding on the wave. Only half of the 128 having light feedback while all pads doodling do register change in the pitch.

    I think iam officially lost, somewhat in a good way and gonna catch up on some sleep before more doodling with it

  • a question for @tehn too

    just wondering if its possible to have self test functions implemented for the ports(or has it already been part of the loading sequence when powering aleph), encorders, jacks etc, which can be reflected on the screen.

    Was wondering bout this as for the cv, i2c port, i wont be able to use it immediately, thus unable to check if its working like it should.

  • interested to see how people gel with the aleph UI. it's basically the opposite paradigm from the OP-1. like, can you get lost between pages?

  • we have a test app for all ports that we run several times prior to shipping. it's a bit obtuse but i can post it when we get a moment.

    the default scene map is for 8x8, i'll get a full 16x16 compatible scene together soon.

    new dsp and scenes on their way this evening, in addition to an update to bees.

    there are no serial numbers for the aleph. serial communication is implemented for dsp param control, that's a tutorial that needs to be posted.

    thanks for your patience everyone!

  • @oootini theres only six pages mate

    i've spent three measly days with this UI
    and i've never used an i cant compare

    but i dont anticipate any problems cropping up

  • well i've used neither! :)

    the shruthi-1 UI paradigm is similar to aleph actually. and that works pretty well.

  • ha

    if i'm honest, it looks a bit like the UI on a graphing calculator i used to have (which i find endearing)

  • also @tehn thanks for clearing up a few things

    curious about the imminent updates and eventual scene-sharing between users: is SD the only way? or can there be data transfers of .hex .ldr etc...thru serial port?

  • hello,
    i am new here... mine arrived this morning (Berlin, Germany) but I only leave work now...

  • SD is the only way to flash the controller firmware (.hex) - that's unlikely to change.

    currently the DSP modules (.ldr) are also only loaded from SD (except for a single module residing in internal flash for use at boot-up.) this would be easier to get from somewhere else if you wanted to... why?

  • cool

    merely the curiosity of a man who doesnt own a card reader [yet]

    @zebra massive and hearty thank you for all the work you've done on this

  • Aaaaaaaaaargh! I missed the delivery because I stepped out just for 15 mins.

  • omg! it's absolutely beautiful and so small! it's basically the size of two guitar pedals.

  • @gli best get a cardreader, we just posted updates. they're quite cheap.

  • yeah

    borrowed one from a friend until my amazon drone delivery arrives

  • mine just arrived! UPS took an extra day to figure out how to get the package from brooklyn to my office in manhattan. the box smells strongly of smoky fireplace - i'd prefer to be in that idyll, knobbing away with this new piece, but i'll settle for a brooklyn aerie.

  • @tehn any update on shipping units for those of us at the bottom of the list? End of month?

  • Customs fees in France : 274€
    Bad start...

  • 268EUR in germany, too...

  • ouch! but you guys knew that was going to happen when you bought it right? i hope it wasn't a surprise...

    The duty for Japan came to 7200JPY or about $70.

  • I always hope they would let it go... from time to time i get that lucky.

  • oh wow. so its like roulette then? that IS stressful. here in Japan, they never miss it.

  • Yeah. Somehow I just didn't get asked for it here in the UK.

  • they also would not miss this in germany, so I was expecting it but slightly less to be honest...

  • package intercepted before work, here we go again!

  • mine lands tomorrow. Any other LA/SoCal peeps get one this round?

  • the 2011 macbook pro SD card reader isn't picking up the SD Card that shipped with the aleph, although it is detecting other SD cards i'm feeding it.

  • have you tried removing & re-inserting? i've sometimes found my computer takes quite a few seconds to register it. otherwise, perhaps use one of your other cards in the interim?

  • try putting this on a new card...

    it is bees 0.2.1, lines 0.0.2, waves 0.0.1

  • Something to keep in mind: OSX Mavericks seems to have completely shit on the ability of my newer 2013 macbookpro to read sd cards. This could be the case w/ your machine if you're on Mavericks.

    I'm using a SD card reader to get around this problem.

  • there seems to be many problems with macbook/osx card readers.

    what size card are we looking to employ for this project?

    edit: i'm going to pick up a card reader, can't deal with the 2011 macbook pro card reader.