aleph as a mixer?

  • This may be a somewhat dumb question, but when i placed my order for an Aleph I guess I assumed that it would be able to function somewhat as a simple mixer. For instance some audio might be generated by the internal dsp while other audio (a drum machine, an ipod) might just pass through and have it's amplitude modulated by the Aleph.

    I'm thinking now, that probably wasn't a reasonable assumption given the apparent state of development of the software. Nonetheless it seems like something that almost everyone would welcome in a live performance oriented device.

    Will this be possible, built in, or easy to implement with Aleph?

  • it's already built-in and functioning very well!

  • The more I get to know the device, it seems like this will be somewhat easy to throw together. For instance you could follow this tutorial and repeat for 4 input/output mixer w/ 4 mute buttons and add amplitude controls on encoders 1-4.

    edit--oh, how is this built in?

  • apologies. i mean 'built-in' in that the question seemed about whether the aleph was capable of being a mixer (rather than having a patch ready to load). doing as you say and rolling out that tutorial to 4 inputs would be easy and only take a few minutes. i'm happy to throw it together if you can't get your head around how to do it.

  • Thanks both. I'm sure i'm completely incapable of implementing anything but the most simplified/idiot proof instructions, so any help would be appreciated.

    I have a bit of a wait apparently before my Aleph arrives though, so it will be a while before i can attempt to implement any help in that direction. Thanks again!

  • its a super duper mixer.

    will be implementing smoothing for mix-point parameters in lines,
    and implementing the full range if I/O mix points in waves, pretty shortly.
    which will make it super-er.

    as is the changes are a bit crackly but never fear.

  • This shiz iz baniz!