• anyone got a copy of this - if so could you post it please - appears to be missing from git, can only see later versions - would like to run THIS scene.

  • you need to grab the first version of aleph-waves and rename it with the 0.0.0.

  • accidentally wiped the original sdcard so don't have it and the versions in git appear to be later ones - unversioned one in git is the latest renamed - no 0.0.0 in git - if you have a copy could you post it please?

  • edit- grab latest from aleph github

  • @si thanks for this :)

  • just want to point out 0.0.0 is not the same as the pre-versioning copy that was shipped, and i don't recommend using either one.

  • if you want to run brian's THIS scene, use the stuff from . but i think you will have a less frustrating experience starting from the latest zipfile which is built on 0.3.x and is much more stable.