downloads from github ?

  • i fell dumb...
    could anybody explain me how to download, for instance, latest bees from github ?
    i tried copying the raw text, save it, change the extension to .hex, but it didn't work.

  • on the main aleph github page, somewhere in the middle right side, theres a download as zip button. It will download as a file.

    lastest bees, lines and waves are in the release folder.

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  • i couldnt figure it out either

  • There's another way to do this: install git from or your OS's repository (install git-core if you use MacPorts), then from the command line do:

    git clone

    This clones the whole repository to the folder aleph/ in your current working directory. Then, anytime you feel like it,

    cd aleph
    git pull

    will get all the new files -- the ones you want are in release/.

  • thanks bens. now working, but placed in my '/username' directory not my current working.