vintage monome faceplates, CHEAP!!!

  • Hi all, I wanted to let everyone know that I have a bunch of monome faceplates (created using the blueprints from They are very high quality and they are sitting in my garage. I was selling them on my site: This turned out to be a disaster from a business standpoint. Help me to atone for my lack of business savvy. If you need a faceplate, talk to me and I will make you a deal. Thanks!

  • Hey man, I was actually interested in ordering one and an enclosure last month, but real life got in the way and had to tighten my budget.

    Would you still happen to have an 8x16 faceplate and enclosure lying around?

  • I might be interested in buying one in the near future, I had a question last time you posted this
    I would be interested in a 265 faceplate, what are the outside dimensions of the faceplate? hopefully it will be the perfect size for my enclosure

  • I know this might be a bit late but I am interested in a 64 faceplate. email me at with info. I'll try and track down an email address for you and send a message to you that way.

  • I am very late to all this but I need a faceplate and this thing will finally be done! Do you have any 64s for the sparkfun keys?