FS: Grid 256 & Arc 4

  • Greetings!

    Unfortunately I have to sell my newly purchased Grid 256 and Arc 4. Both form current batch and in perfect condition with original packing.
    Will upload pictures later this weekend if interested!
    A video of this exact grid can be seen here:


    256 - €850 + shipping (SOLD)
    Arc4- €450 + shipping

    Available in Sweden (can meet up in Malmö, Gothenburg or Stockholm) and can ship within EU.

    Any questions? Just shoot!

  • Avalable in malmö, sweden. Can also meet up in Stockholm or Gothenburg.

  • why is the price kinda low for both?

  • Hi mewraz, just sent you a private message

  • @txtfiles I would have preferred to sell both to the same buyer, so i gave a package discount :)

    256 -SOLD
    Arc4 - Still Avalable

  • i live in stockholm, €400 cash for the arc, payable immediately?

  • @Jay Gilligan you got a PM!

  • @mewraz - sorry i couldn't take you up on your offer, but bump for anyone else interested in the arc!!!

  • hi. is this still available? how much is approx shipping to UK?

  • Hi. The Arc 4 is still for sale. I have had a busy time lately so i have not been active at the forum!
    So, €450 for the arc 4 and €30 for shipping within Europe.

    I you want any videos or pics. I can post them here!

  • Just in case anyone forgot. This is how delicious it looks ;)

    800 x 533 - 136K
  • hi. sent you pm.

  • hi, is the Arc4 still available?

  • hi, yes I still have it! Please PM me for details!

  • hi, I sent you a PM!
    Is it still for sale?


  • BOTH ARE NOW SOLD. Sorry for slow update and false hopes!