SD Card Seating

  • Have had an incredibly frustrating 24 hours trying to get my new Aleph to install the latest version of bees I loaded onto the shipped SD card. I finally discovered that it was a mechanical problem with how the card is seated in the aleph card slot.

    When the card is fully inserted I got repeated 'SD card not found' errors. However, I backed the card out of the slot a couple of mm and voila the card could be read without problems. Now just waiting for the latest version to be written into the aleph.

    Hope this might help others suffering from a similar problem.

  • i still have issues with my SD cards.

    on my aleph, the slot is incredibly tight. my first couple days it would take some effort to actually insert it. then i found the sweet spot. if i insert the card at an angle it slides right in. will try not forcing it in so deep. thanks.

  • On mine I need to make sure the card is pointed slightly downwards to get in the reader slot or else it jams. Only two or three inserts before I realized the slot is misaligned a little high.

  • i noticed maybe one or two units with slightly imprecise alignment, but in testing nothing was affected. obviously i was wrong, i apologize. the fact that this happens at all is confounding given all the mechanical assemblies are theoretically the same. i will investigate.

  • i need to insert the sd card at a particular angle / "sweet spot" as well. upon figuring that out though, there haven't been any issues.

  • Same here. But not an issue.

  • Maybe the jostling around in transit or temp/humidity difference in locations, or just tighten some screws? It's really not an issue for me...but since the thread popped up. I thought I'd give some user experience.